Temptations 70

The Queen of the Succubi does have fears… Some of them are very real to her and she would do anything to make them go away… If she can…


Temptations 70

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

She had felt like she had grabbed hold of an emotional lightning bolt.  It shook her, filled her, consumed her.  She is not sure what is happening, her mind filled with images, thoughts, emotions… so different from what she had known.  It was as if someone was painting the world in totally new colors that she had never seen before.

She felt the stirrings of such love for the children, such passion… they were everything… of course they were.  What had she been thinking before?  She couldn’t remember… all she remembered was this feeling for her children… for her family.

Dimly she looked into Andrea’s eyes.  She was so beautiful… she could see how this woman had captured the Queen’s heart.  For one strong moment she wanted to pin Andrea down… have her way with her… the Queen didn’t matter… she was just so…

But the children… if she did that she could cause them harm… and she could never do that, but oh, how she longed to simply touch Andrea for a moment.

Maria rose in an almost blissful daze and said simply, “I have to go back to them.”

He had watched all this with great interest.  That the Queen’s consort could affect a Succubi so powerfully was indeed rare.  Maria looked like she had just finished with a night of very intense lovemaking and was too blissed out to even know what year she was in.

Absently he wondered if this woman could affect him, blocks or not.  It would be interesting to see her try.  But one thing at a time.

He shook his head in amusement, “Well done Andrea, it would seem that you have done a fine job on Maria.  She will now break every bone in her body for her children… and when her children are gone  she will break every bone in her body for you.”

He wondered if either the QUeen or her consort saw what he did.  They had gone on about having free will, the Queen had given Maria a choice, yet.. when she chose in a way they didn’t like they basically changed her so she would.  They had even had the nerve to go on about how no one could “fix” such a problem, but there was Andrea ‘fixing’ it with no trouble at all.

I guess it is all right just as long as THEY are the ones fixing and manipulating.  How interesting.

“Since I am the one who summoned Maria… I feel as if I am the one who should return her… If, of course, it is permitable to you my Queen.  But I don’t think in this state she should be away from the family too long.”

Tera didn’t say anything because she knew what Andrea had done and why… Legion’s words burned hot in her ears about Maria’s new attitude…

And still Tera said nothing…

She turned away from them all and just let whatever was going to be… Be. Opening the book to Maria’s page again, Tera looked upon her picture and the name below it… Turning the page over, she read the text of Maria’s life as it was and was becoming with something of a wistful smile… No one else in the room would be able to read the words written there in the language that the book only shared with the Queen…

She sighed a bit as a new line of text shimmered into existence on the page…

Thahnk is brath cala. Succubi Parmtal nee tass Lit. Un lfe nee brum teck qal aber na. Cee um albat teek wa a pass.

Tera closed the book and called to Maria, “Goodbye Maria… May you find what I couldn’t give…”

Then Tera walked out of the room and down a passageway leaving the others behind her for the moment…

Very good.  More and more this grows.

Takking the Queen’s comment as permission, Legion quietly waved his hand and Maria dissolved into mist back to where she had been plucked from.

Mind reading was not one of his abilities but he did wish it were.  The Queen had been mostly quiet, her wondered of her thoughts.  He had not come here to be seen as a monster, quite the opposite.  But the Queen’s consort had been… unanticipated and she had complicated things.  Now he was unsure if the Queen would simply oust him from her realm or if she would be willing to talk.

Despite everything he had told them was true, despite the fact he had followed their every request, and despite the fact he had broken a pac with someone (which would make future plans far more difficult for the intern) he was sure the Queen still viewed him sharply into the negative.

Gazing at both the Queen and her consort he said simply, “I apologize for causing such turmoil my Queen.  Though in the end my goal was simply to give Maria what she wished for.”

I smile a Legion for a moment.  “I believe you Legion.  But you do gain something in return for your gifts and perhaps you have never heard of the human expression, ‘buyer beware’.  In the end, you seem to be a salesman, offering something that is too good to be true.  Your hearts desires at no real costs to the buyer.  That and the fact that you won’t simply come out and say what it is you wish to buy and what you want to offer in return.”

“For me,” I continue, “It’s a matter of walking into this room and finding you attempting to tempt my fiancee … and as you might have noticed, I’m very protective of her.  She’s my life.  There’s a number of powers that might want to wish her harm … I’ve seen some of them and I’ll be honest with you, they frighten me.  Not for me … but for her.  I … would take it badly if … someone came here and found a way to take her away from me.  What I showed Maria is nothing less than I what I have for Terra.  I did not change her, I just gave her a way to understand what she needed to know.”

“You meant Maria no harm … nor do I think you mean harm to Tera … but I’ve learned … things are not always as they seem.  When you have something so very precious … you don’t risk it … you protect it.”

I concentrate and feel the part of Tera that is within me.  Love are you alright?  Did I do something wrong?


Never something wrong… But sometimes the book tells things that none realize are important until it is far too late…

The question is…

Is it?



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    • James on July 20, 2010 at 9:42 am

    More and more powerful writing here. It is a joy to follow this.

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    • TeraS on July 20, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    It’s a shame that it ends so soon…


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