Temptations 68

Why is it that some things found cannot be kept? And if they can be, they cost you more than you can ever imagine? The Queen of the Succubi never could understand why that was…


Temptations 67

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

I look on in horror and disappointment as I listen to Maria.

“She is right, she has much to learn, she does not have a true mother’s heart.  She is not willing to put the love of her children ahead of all else in her life and she is willing to sorely damange them for her own desires.  It would have been far better if she had never met then, then they could have found one that truly wanted them, truly was willing to sacrifice all and everything for them.  But now they will once again feel the pain and sorrow of losing a mother.”  I say in a low voice.

“Tera, that can not be permitted, nor can we send one such as her back to these children, whether under Legions spell or not.  A replacement for Maria must be sent, one who can slip into her mortal life without a pause.”

Tears begin to form in my eyes as I look at my beloved.  “If one can not be found … then I will go … I will need her form … her memories … just promise me my love … that you will not leave my life … I can bear a lot … but not that.  I will always … always be yours. I will see that this family never wants for love.  Oh Tera … I am cursed … to find you … and now … ”

I turn, not being able to bear to look at my beloved … my tear filled eyes falling Legion … anger brimming and swelling behind them.

Inwardly a sigh of weariness escaped him.  He had known his little endevore would be difficult but this was just silly. Nothing he did was seen in a positive light, only evil and dark, it didn’t take any great perception to see the Queen’s consort looking like she wanted to kill him.

He had been quite polite to this point but it was time to be firm.  Sighing at all the drama he shook his head, “My lady, there is no need to be so dramatic.  It will be of fair ease to find someone to slip into Maria’s role, if that is your desire.  Having children and a family is a heart’s desire I deal with often, and I will be sure the one that is choosen is ‘correct’ for them.”

He rose from his chair and walked over to the both of them, “Now, I must say that the quality of this visit has been very poor.  I came to you in peace, wished only to talk, I hid nothing nor did I lie about anything, including Maria.  You asked to see her, I complied, you still doubted and insisted that i bring her hear.  I told you that was unwise but you said you would not trust me otherwise.  So, simply to earn your trust I broke a pact, something I have never done.”

He shook his head, “Now you are all furious with me because Maria made a bad choice and did not think the consequenses through.  I gave her and the family she was with what they wanted.You in doubting my intentions are the ones that made me break that pact.  Would Maria and her family lived perfectly or would they have broken in time?  I do not know, any more than you do for none of us know the future.”

He looked over both women, “How utterly human of you to be furious at the wind because it blew the tree that fell on the power lines and caused a black out.  The family that Maria was with will have the best I can offer in a replacement, I give you my word.”

“I … am furious because of what this may cost me.  You have no idea.”  I say as a tear of sorrow mixed with rage flows down my cheek.

“You are neither good nor evil … you are like the genie in the bottle, granting wishes, not caring overly for the consequences as long as you gain from the transaction.  But you are right, you are not to blame for Maria’s heart.”

I stop and turn … looking at them all, and suddenly I do know the answer.

I turn and walk over to Maria and look at her standing there her own heart torn, so uncertain and confused.

I look at Tera.   “My love … if I might.”  I say moving forward. “If you will permit me, I think I can help.”

Tera still held the page between her fingers and said to Andrea, “Anything would be better than the final choice that I would have to make otherwise…”

She looked at Legion again, “It is not hate… It is the lack of understanding of what matters and why and how… There is but one thing in my realm that matters… That one thing is so obvious and necessary and yet it is the one thing that so few have been able to see…”

A sigh then, “Wars have been fought over it and lives changed because of it… Sacrifices made and promises kept in it’s name… The need to have it and hold it surpasses all else now and forever in my realm…”

Her tail swisched a bit, “We will not go to the old ways… We will not take the sacrifices made and make them dust upon the wind… There is no room for what the Dark needs and the Light expects… I will not have my kind serve in either world…”

She released the page and closed the book with a snap of her wrist, “We are the bridge between them both…”


Yes… The Queen isn’t happy at all is she?


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    • James on July 6, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    It is interesting that, from Legion’s (the character’s) perspective, he didn’t do anything wrong, but he did so much damage . . .

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