Jul 03 2010

Umbrage a movie that seems not for Succubi…

There is an indepenent movie in its final stages of production called Umbrage. Now, according to the trailer which you can see below, the have a character in it called Lilith…

But from what little I have been able to gather, she isn’t exactly like the traditional myths…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


The movie is described as being a stylish and gory vampire film. It follows s a family that has moved into a remote farm, and find themselves in the middle of a centuries-old feud between Lilith and a cowboy vampire hell-bent on revenge…

One summary described it as:

In the Old West, the assassination of an ageing cowboy is thwarted by a sultry vampiress, the would-be killer left for dead in the dust. A hundred years later an ancient obsidian mirror, long unearthed from the Mesopotamian desert, is liberated from an American collector’s vault and illegally transported to Europe. Jacob, an unscrupulous antiques dealer, moves to a remote farmhouse with his pregnant young wife, Lauren, and his difficult ward, Rachel.

His goals are clear: to pass this near-priceless mirror to the highest bidder, and to prevent these two women from ripping each other apart. Nearby, a beautiful ornithologist, in nocturnal pursuit of the Screech Owl, is disturbed in her hide by a couple of noisy hikers. Her efforts ruined, she joins them by their campfire, but when one of them is mysteriously mutilated in the woods, she and the other are forced to flee and seek refuge at Jacob’s farm.

Something has been unleashed into the dark of that night…. Shadows take on a life of their own, and the blood begins to flow. Maybe it’s all down to the ominous cowboy hiding in the barn who doesn’t seem to cast any reflection in the dark mirror. Maybe it’s because the shiny black artifact is the enchanted talisman and portal of Lilith, the willful first wife of Adam, exiled from Eden to spawn her demonic offspring. The family find themselves in the middle of a century old grudge between a vengeful undead cowboy and the re-awakened Lilith, mother to the Succubi, ruler of shadows, slaughterer of children, and consort to the devil himself. Sometimes the only weapon against evil is evil itself.

The official site for the film can be found here.

While the trailer above shows some hints of the movie, there is a more X-rated version of it that you can find on the net. One such place is here. Please note that it is not safe for work and you will have to pass an age check before seeing it.

Lilith herself is played by the Scottish actress Natalie Celino, and she is really quite beautiful, both in her appearance which is really nicely seductive, and her portrayal of the role, which reflects many facets of Lilith..

The only problem that I have is the usual ones…

Lilith does not seem to have any horns or tail, and, it appears that she is a vampiress, more accurately, the Queen of the Vampires, in this  film. It continues to bother me that the legend of Lilith, and for that matter, Succubi, continue to be mixed into the legends of vampires, which in truth they shouldn’t be….

I want to give this movie a chance to impress me. Really and truly I would love to be able to watch it and be able to say at the end that Lilith and Succubi were portrayed well here…

But all of the signs tell me not to expect too much, but I am hoping that I am wrong on that point…

It should be out soon…

I will be watching…



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    When we got to the place in the movie description that it included Lilith, a vampire cowboy, an unscrupulous antique dealer, a pregnant young wife, a difficult ward, AND a “beautiful ornithologist,” it went over the top for me.

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    Directed once again confused mythology. Again demon behaves like a vampire.

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    Possibly one of the most irritating things about the movie…


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