Jul 02 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 132

This week’s Succubi is something that I rather enjoy a lot in seeing…

After all, succubi cheerleaders would be something to see wouldn’t they?

Honestly I think this is just an inspired piece of artwork…

It is the work of an artist on Hentai Foundry that calls themselves Vamptod. They have posted quite a number of works there, but this is the only Succubus work that I could find there….

It is a commission work of a Succubus cheerleader, as you have probably figured out by now…

I love the details in their pencil art, the outfit, pom-poms and overall pose is just delicious, although as always there are a couple of things that I don’t like as much…

She does have hooves, never really have liked them on Succubi, and the other thing is that she has wings, something as well that I don’t really care for a lot…

But her expression, her horns and especially her tail are just wonderful and I think they are perfect for her…

You can find their page on Hentai Foundry here, and the original page with this art here.

They also have a DeviantArt page, which you can find here as well…

Yummy, sexy, succubi cheerleader…

What more can you ask for?



  1. avatar

    See me jump, give a cheer
    as I dance over here!
    Watch my tail swisch and sway.
    Feel your mind melt away
    as my sly, green eyes gleem;
    I’ll take you for the team!!

  2. avatar


    Lovely lovely words my heart!


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