Temptations 67

To tell the truth is not just a game, but can open your eyes to what you cannot admit to… The Queen of the Succubi knows this, but not all do…


Temptations 67

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Tera shook her head and smiled, “No Maria… That is what you believe I want to hear…. It’s not the truth… Not even close to it… What you want more than anything else is to go back to that family…. Forget all about this…. Be their mother… Wife and more… I can see that in you Maria…”

She tilted her head in that way she did when she had something to say that was meant to be listened to and began. “If you cannot see, then there is nothing that I can do to make you do so… The words you speak are only there to mask your from what you truly want… Truly need…. If you accept the illusion of the world… The truth cannot be…”

A lock of hair fell over Tera’s right eye and she said to her clearly, “Truth Maria. Say it…. Please?”

Maria looked at the Queen and was now puzzled, she had spoken the truth.  But it was as if the Queen wanted another answer.  It pained her deeply that she had caused such harm for her own selfishness.  The Queen  had been right in what she had said earlier, she had broken much faith without thinking.  Perhaps someday she would be able to do as the Queen suggested and live as both a Succubi in a mortal guise, but she knew that she needed to learn more before that could ever happen.

Maria did want to return to the family she had left, but she couldn’t be both Succubi and human, at least not now.  And to try would only serve to dishonor the Queen and family she had had for centuries.  And she had done enough of that already.

Looking into the Queen’s eyes she said softly, “The truth is that I am a Succubi and I should not have given in to desires that went against what has been written for centuries beyond number.  You are right, oh Queen, that others have taken human form and lived.  They just have not crossed the line I crossed.  I could return, but it should be for the right reasons, and I have proven my motives are not.”

She looked at the Queen and her mortal lover, “I am, and only am A Succubi, and it is all I should be until the day I learn what I must and what you have always known my Queen.”

Tera sighed a bit, “This all comes back around to the question of what all of this has done to you Maria…” She looked at Legion, “So you gave her a taste of something she desired… Now that has passed and she is no better off than she was before she stepped on the path you gave her… You gained from her and she has not learned anything from the experience….”

She looked back to Maria and said, “You are not just a Succubi…. You know that in your heart… You want the things that we cannot have… They tempt you and draw you towards them… They make you take a chance… And then you gain nothing from it… Dammit it all to hell Maria…”

Tera sighed, “You don’t want this… You’d be happier where you were… It’s clear to me… Why isn’t it clear to you?”

She slipped from Andrea’s grasp and drew a square in the air with a finger. There was a shimmer and then a thick book wrapped in leather bindings appeared in front of her… Tera opened the book and flipped through it slowly… On each page was a picture of a Succubi and her name written upon it… Tera didn’t say anything until she finally came upon Maria’s name and picture in the book. Taking hold of that page with two fingers, she curled the edge of the page between her fingers before looking at Maria…

She asked her, “Your choice Maria… There is only one way this can go…  Three souls need you more than I do… You made a difference for them… You took them from the Dark and gave them Light… Now they are without you… Is their end what you truly want? Truly?”

He had been watching the exchange with Maria and the Queen for a time as he regained his strength after his little stunt in bringing her here.  But now, the Queen’s words, not very friendly, caused him to speak out.

“My Queen, I offered her what she wanted, I forced nothing.  The choice was hers and hers alone.  And as for passing, forgive me my Queen, but YOU are the one who had me call her here as you doubted my intentions.  This is the first pact I have broken in a thousand centuries, and I did it at your request.  She would have remained there, happy and with the children, until her mortal life ended.  As for learning… are you so unsure of your own subjects that you will not take them at their word?”

He managed to sit up a little straighter now his strength had almost fully returned, “As I have said, the family she was with no longer remember her ever being there.  They are as they were if I had never inserted Maria into their life.  The home she was in was not broken, simply sad, as all mortals get when death comes.  But they will move on as well, as all mortals do.”

He looked at Maria and bowed his head for a moment, “Maria has show the courage to admit that the massive responsablity of true love, and the love of children, is not one she feels ready for.  It does not mean she doesn’t want it, it only means she wants it when she is ready.  Have not you, yourself my Queen, mentioned that there are other Succubi who can take this path if they choose?  Is it so wrong for Maria to want to be sure of all aspects of herself?”

He looked at the Queen and her love and nodded, “Not all matters of the heart are as strong, true, and correct as the one you share with her.”

Maria had listened to both the Queen and Legion for a time.  Seeing the Queen pull out the book surprised her as she didn’t think that the Queen was willing to push things that far.

“No, their end is not what I want, but their lives will not end… and their hearts are not broken at my being gone as Legion has said.  I am not the only light they can have.”

She looked the Queen squarly in the eye, trying to convey what she felt, “MY Queen, I have errored and sinned in my selfish desires.  I was weak and it caused great trouble, I let my needs come before my responsabilites.  If I would do that as a Succubi… would I do that as a mortal?  Legion only promised a family, but mortal families are not perfect.  In a few years time, what if I did it again, but with the children and their father?”

She shook her head, “Above all, we are meant for joys, pleasures, dreams, and what is right for the mortal we are with.  If I love them and you my Queen, how can I honestly say that, I will not be so selfish again, when I was horriably selfish in the first place?  It caused so much trouble this time… what will happen if I am weak again?”

She walked over and in a breach of conduct rested her hand on the Queen’s hand that held the page, “I have to be better my Queen.  For them, for you, and for myself.  Because if I am not… then I am not worthy of any of you.  Someday, when I have learned not to be selfish, not to put the need of myself over the needs of my duties, I will return to them.  But for now, let me be a Succubi… who has much to learn.”


Much to learn and it is the hope that all do someday….


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    • James on June 29, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    A very interesting choice for Maria, but neither she nor Legion seem to hear what the Queen is saying.

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