Jun 27 2010

So there is a Succubus in The Gates?

So there is a Succubus in The Gates?

For those that are not aware, the Gates is a summer show on ABC that is sort of a mix of Sex In The City and Vampires Diaries.

Neither of which do much for me, but I digress…

Well, at least this teaser that was released this past week seems to point at that…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


So, according to the preview at least, the character named Andie Bates, is a Succubus. Which is of course a problem for the guy she has a crush on in the series who is named Charlie Monohan.

Is she a real Succubus?

So far there is little proof of that, this weekend’s episode I hope will straighten out things to some extent, however I have not seen any evidence of Succubi in the series that match with the traditional ones. Moreover, this is an ABC show, so I am not expecting to actually see Succubi running around the series seducing various characters and taking away their souls.

Especially the teenaged Succubus that they seem to have in mind…

I’d like to see a back story on the Succubi in the series, but I have the awful feeling that the series will take the view that vampires and Succubi are the same thing, like a lot of vampires book and shows, thus continuing a legacy of smashing up myths and making what is a clear myth of the Succubi, muddled by a need to play to the current vampire craze that seems to be popular in media these days…

The other thing that bugs me about the teaser is, there is a test for Succubiness?


Is there going to be a test for all of the other creatures on the series? I’m rather disappointed that there is a nice, simple scientific means to detect Succubi…

Of course in the universe of the TV series I suppose it makes sense, but otherwise?


Lastly, I wonder if they will dare to show our young Succubus with horns and a tail. Now since this is ABC, and they didn’t have the Succubi in the television series The Middleman, a series that they killed off far before its time, with either of those, I am not holding my breath.

Regardless of all of that, I am going to watch this and see just how badly Succubi are treated in this universe…

I’ll keep a little bit of hope that I am wrong, but the track record tells me that I will be disappointed again…



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    I expect to be watching with you, Majesty. I’ll bring the popcorn for throwing at the screen.

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    oohh.. so a succubus finder app is coming to a smartphone soon?

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    If only…


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    We’ll need lots of that my heart…


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