Jun 20 2010

Portal – A Succubi Manip by TeraS

It’s been a little while since my last Succubi Manip.. Far too long really…

And so, finally, a new manip from me called Portal…

The longest part of making this was fiddling with the smoke in the portal and removing all of the junk that was around the Succubi in the image and making the cloudy background…

I also had issues with the text and I thank James for his help in the story for the image which I’m reposted in here as well:

She waits by the portal to the Realm,

the mists surrounding her

hiding the mysteries and wonders within.

Few know her name:

to most, she is simply The Receptionist.

She asks a question

of everyone who dares approach her.

Some answer correctly and pass within

to discover the amazing pleasures she guards.

Some cannot answer and she claims them

(though no one has ever heard of them complaining).

Do you dare approach?

Can you answer her question?

Will you risk her taking you, changing you?

Or has she already taken you for her own?

Reality is what you make of it.

And, one way or another,

she will make you her own.

Thank you again for your help in mking my words better my heart…



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