Jun 17 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 130

One of the things that I find interesting about images of Succubi is that, and this is in general, how they tend to combine the myths and legends of different cultures around the world in their appearance…

This one especially…

This work is called Ryn Succubus by Daejin, and I found it originally on the site Hentai Foundry. That original posting you can find here, and the artist Daejin’s page on that site is here.

What I find intriguing  about this work is that this Succubus seems to have a Djinn-like appearance to her. In other words, a middle eastern mythos appearance to her clothing and jewelry. I can see her as being the court magi or other such being for someone in power. I’m not so sure she would be living in a lamp, but that idea gives me some pause for thought…

The other thing that I like about this work is that she isn’t faulting her sexuality in the image, but almost teasingly hints to it in her pose, the placement of her arms and the whisper thin skirt she is wearing as well…

All in all a lovely piece of art that shows an aspect of Succubi that doesn’t appear very often really…


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    She is quite lovely . . . and, perhaps, your Majesty could help some djinn discover her inner succubi someday. 8)

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