Temptations 65

Some ideas are ones that shouldn’t be taken, trusted or otherwise considered…

But some? Some are and rhe Queen of the Succubi knows that and regrets it from time to time…


Temptations 65

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Legion almost laughs at Andrea’s suggestions of contracts.

“I fear M’lady that I don’t have anyone sign anything, any more than your Queen does.  All bargins are etched in the hearts and souls of the people who the deal is made with.”

His eyes started to glow, much brighter this time, as it would take a considerable amount of skill and power to do this… but he hadn’t dealt with Morgan Le Fey to not have skills.

“As for the terms with Maria and Deedra… that is simple enough… they will be… changed as you described… when this… is done.”

He heard the faint strain in his voice… this was more difficult than he had thought as he was in another’s realm but he would be damned if he stopped now.

The light grew and grew until there was a flash and rumble and when it faded, there stood Maria, Deedra, and the others, horns and tails in promanace… still as statues.

“Nnnh.. for… forgive me… they were… removed from the moment they occupied… and are slightly out of time… while the last… effort needed takes… hold.  They… are now… exactly as they were… before dealing with me… when they are ready… they will move and… you will be free to question them… as you see fit.”

Trying not to look like he desprately needed to Legion slowly sat down as Maria started to blink and her focus locked onto Tera and the other ladies.

Tera regarded Maria as she came into motion with a very very slight frown upon her lips. Then she asked in a calm voice, “Maria. I’m sorry that you have been put through this, and I regret what I am about to ask… I need to discover some things and it would appear that you are the one to give them to me…”

Tera stood up and closed the distance to Maria, her tail darting behind her as if it was agitated and angered. She began to circle her slowly, not laying a finger upon Maria…. Not allowing their tails to touch in the normal way of greeting that was the custom of the Succubi….

She stopped at Maria’s left side and regarded her for a moment before asking, “What is the first rule of the Succubi Maria? What is the first thing that you were taught by your tail…. By your Book… By all that you are… What was it?”

Maria had been more than slightly disoriented when she came out of… where had she been?

She looked over and saw Queen Tera and two other women looking at her in mild confusion… and beside her… several of her sisters in statue like poses… though some were beginning to stir slightly.

She looked to the final side and saw a hooded man lean weakly into a chair… and remembered sharply what had happened.

She remembered her life before.. and the life she had just left… the children…  her children… she thought in wonder.  They may not have been by birth but she had loved them more than she could have imagined.

She remembered the hooded man… Legion… coming before her… asking questions about the Queen, her deep distrust, to the point of even trying to elude him.

But then… he had offered something… something that should have been impossiable… something that she never dared dream she could have.  She had been dubious at first… doubting that whoever this was could deliver on such a promise… on such a deal.

Then he had given her a sample… a day in the life she had secretly desired.  He had simply slipped her spirit into a mother of three.  Maria had had acess to all the woman’s memories so had been able to play the part perfectly.

The love… the joy in the eyes of the children who looked to her… relied on her… the thoughts of, They love me… without reservation… without tricks.  Such simple innocence… it’s so beautiful.

The day had ended in a single second.  Legion had returned her, exactly as he had promised.  She had mourned the loss but rejected his offer.  He had simply shrugged and melted into the night.

But afterward… nothing she did matched how she had felt during that single day.  Succubi’s couldn’t have children. It was as much a mystic fact as anything… but… she longed for the life she had visited.

Two weeks had passed and she went looking for him.  He came almost at once, as if he had known… and maybe he had.  He had laid down the particulars… including what he had expected from this deal.

She had been torn… but her desire had been too great.  She knew what she was about to do was no doubt going to be seriously frowned on by the Queen, yet if she was locked into this new life for several decades… perhaps the Queen wouldn’t notice, as Succubi’s were immortal… a few decades were nothing to them.

Quietly, she had agreed.

What happened next she still was not sure… a swirl of wind, a flash of blue, words in a very old tongue.

When she was next aware she was no longer Maria the Succubi, she was married… with young children.  The first twenty four hours her old life was still in her mind. But it had faded… slowly slipping away like mist in the sun.  By the second day she was Maria the mother and had always been that.

But now… she was standing before the Queen.  The lifetime had not ended… why was she here?  Had Tera discovered what had happened and tricked Legion to bringing her here?

Maria bowed her head at the Queen’s words.  She had deeply and secretly dreaded this happening.  What was going to happen to her now?

“I…  I know… I…”  she tried to finish but felt too ashamed to.

With great effort she managed to look into the Queen’s eyes and say softly, “I’m sorry.”

Tera looked at Maria and then said, “I’m sorry. That’s it? That’s all? I’m sorry? I know? Is that all you have to say for yourself Maria? Have you forgotten all that you were taught and given?”

She rubbed a hand over the bridge of her nose a moment and then continued, “First Rule of the Succubi – You are a Succubi. Whatever else happens… Whatever else you become… You are a Succubi first an all else is second to that. You know well that the Realm is harmed by each Tail and Succubi that fails to return when the time comes… We have lost so many because of those in the universe that have killed our kind, severed their tails and took away all that they knew…”

With a sigh she continued, “The Lake of Souls is weakened by the losses and we are all lesser for the losses we suffer… So many Tails are lost… So many new Succubi will never be… You gave up being a Succubi Maria… You could have well just kept yourself hidden… It’s not hard for you to do… You could have well lived in that life and still be part of the whole… But you took his offer and pulled away from us… That is your choice as is anything else…”

Her hand lowered over her lips a moment as Tera considered before continuing, “So then you will have to make a choice. Are you or are you not a Succubi. Explain that to me… And then…”

Tera left the rest of it unsaid for the moment as Maria would need to decide for herself what she was. And why…

And hopefully Maria would answer the question correctly…

Maria flinched at the Queen’s anger.  The Queen rarely showed that side of herself and for her to show it now made Maria that much more shamed.  She had known she had been taking a unrelenting risk in taking this Legion up on his offer, but she hadn’t allowed herself to think about it.  The Queen’s words and tone brought all that guilt up full force and it mixed with the horror of never seeing the children she had come to love so much again.

It was hard not to break down in tears.  But she at least had to try to make the Queen understand.

“I could have lived that life my Queen,” she said in a small quavering voice, “But you know how the world calls to us, how being a Succubi calls to us all.  And if that call would have ruined the children… my heart could not have bared the sorrow.  And if they had somehow discovered what I was… who I was…” she paused, “Would a child understand?  Would it scar them, ruin their future?  How could I do that if I clamied to love them?  TO put them first, as any mother should.”

She took a shuddering breath, “I would have returned when my mortal time had ended… on this I swear.  Otherwise…” she tried to look the Queen in the eye and succeeded but knew her look was a sad one, not in any way defiant, “I offer no other excuse or reason.”

But she also knew that would not satisfy the Queen, “But you asked if I was a Succubi….  The answer is I am… even if it means I will not return to what I left behind, for while I am not ashamed of being a Succubi… I cannot be one and be the mother a child needs.”

Tera’s tail swisched behind her a moment and then she answered with a sigh, “No. No my dear Maria… That is not true… If you would have the wisdom to see then you would know… There are layers and layers of falsehoods and misconceptions that we have built up around us to keep the truth from view… Perhaps that was not the best way to do things, but the past is the past. We live in the here and now. In my reign. And Maria… You know what is the most important thing. The truly most important thing.”

She reached her tail out and twined it with Maria’s, “That is love Maria. First and always. I can think of dozens of our kind that have gone into the world and been with others for the lifetime that their mortal loves have been given…”

Tera looked at Andrea with a smile, “Some of them see past the illusions of what we are supposed to be and see us as we are. And love us for it regardless. And for that love in return, anything and everything that is ours to give is given to them freely and joyfully… And that makes anything possible…”

She held Andrea’s gaze a moment, “Anything.”

Turning back to Maria, she continued, “For the love of a family Maria, you can do anything if your heart is willing to take the chance. You have reshaped yourself for others in the past… You could have easily wrapped the illusion of being a normal person around you and held it for centuries if you wanted to… Nothing worth having is easy… You give yourself into their arms and hope that they will love you. And if they do then there is nothing that you can reveal to them that will change that…”

Tera raised a single finger to Maria’s face and then touched her nose, “Love overcomes all. You have forgotten that. You shouldn’t…. Ever.”


No you shouldn’t but sometimes you have to don’t you?


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