Jun 13 2010

Adding to the Succubus.net Universe…

Okay, I admit that my horns are a little twisted… or my tail or something is at least…


Two domains popped up this past week and, well, they sort of fell into my lap…

They are:

Evil Succubus.com

and the more interesting one…

Succubus Studios.com

Not having anything really made in advance for them, I pieced together a holding page for them both today and a little splash logo as well…

Nothing really spectacular I know, but it’s a nice image to place on a page at least…

Really I have no idea what I might do with them in the future… Although the idea of a Succubi Film production company called Succubus Studios has a certain appeal to me…

Mebby that’s a story in itself…

Time to ponder I think…



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    I think those are both wonderful ideas . . . the studio and the story . . . and I find the page extremely . . . pleasant, Majesty.

  2. avatar

    I like the succubi on the right. I am a sucker for hair with natural curls, except on humid weather. 😉

    Oh yeah, how come succubi always wear stiletto heels or boots?

  3. avatar


    Just never know really….


  4. avatar

    Well… Heels are necessary for that one particular shaping of your calf muscles to make them look sexier…

    Or we are just fashion plates… That’s possible too…


  5. avatar

    I was actually emphasizing the “stiletto” part. Haven’t seen one in platform.

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