Jun 10 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 129

This week’s Succubi is the 3D rendering work of a Blogger named Elton Robb, and it is his design of a Succubus that, thankfully, isn’t WoW-like at all…

Elton has a Blog called The Atlantis Blog, which I have placed in my links page as well for those that would like to visit him there… His blog is about his role playing game which is based on the Rolemaster Releplaying Game system. You can find the original posting of this image on Elton’s Blog here for those that would like to see that.

This is one of the best examples of a Succubi that I have seen rendered is quite a long time. One of the things that I like most of all is that she doesn’t have hooves. That is something that always bugs me about Succubi in more cases and I do want to thank Elton for not using them here.

I also like that she has a skin tone that seems more realistic than fantasy in nature. What I mean by that is that she doesn’t have red skin or some other demonic shade to it. She appears very life-like in that, which adds to the overall “girl-next-door” look she has.

The glow in her eyes is interesting, though I admit that green would have I think looked better in this case, oddly it almost looks like someone was taking a picture of her and the flash is being reflected in her eyes…

The tail she has is very delicious… Really quite nice and matches her, and her horns well I think. The horns are perhaps a little bit longer than I would like, but that is a matter of taste of course… Her wings are fascinating to me mostly for the fact that the light from the windows behind her makes them vanish in places. I almost wonder if they are more ethereal than functional as a result because of that.

I also would like to congratulate Elton on the shading, shadows and lighting of the scene, something that for some reason seems to be lacking in a lot of renders… The character gets all of the love, but the background seems to be forgotten a lot of the tie. Not in this case. She just fits right into it and the background blends into her pose and overall presence really well…

Once again, I want to thank Elton for his permission to share his work here on the Tale and I hope that he has success in his future works!



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    Really a lovely work! Congratulations, Elton!

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