Jun 08 2010

Temptations 64

The future is something that can be more than you expected, or less than you desired… But you make opf the future what you will…

Even the Queen of the Succubi realizes that…


Temptations 64

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Now things are moving apace he thought.

He sighed heavily, “My Queen, Andrea…  I have done nothing that Queen Tera has not done to others… and yet it is looked upon with evil by all of you.”

He shook his head sadly, “Evil is not my intent any more than it is Queen Tera’s.  If I have cause you pain by giving a heart’s desire to another than I am truly sorry.”

He looked at all of them, the soft blue glow rising in his eyes, “And since you all seem convinced of my evil intentions it seems something must be done about that.”

He looked squarely at Tera, “Your desire right now is to see your sisters as they were.  You have but to ask… and I will do something I have never done in all my long centuries of dealing… I will undo the bargin made.”

He watched as Andrea’s eyes rose in surprise and even Tera’s narrowed slightly.  He didn’t need to be able to read their thoughts to know what they were thinking at that moment….

Oh REALLY?  And what exactly is the price for this kindness you evil being!

“All your sisters will be as they were… all the knowlage, emotions, and skills given to me will be given up… they will be as much Succubi as they were the moment before they met me.”

He paused and he could sense them brace sarcasticlly for the high price he would ask, “And in return I want… nothing.  No payment.  You will not give me anything at all other than what you choose to.  If you choose to give me death in return I will accept it.”

He looked at Andrea, “And perhaps you don’t quite understand what I am doing.  For a deal maker to essential go back on a deal means the very real risk of the end of his dealings… as no one will deal with someone who doesn’t keep their commitment.  And to ask for nothing in return… it too is unheard of.  So understand my intent that this is not a request given lightly.”

He looked back at the Queen, “We both deal my Queen and I am sure you have a.. concern about anything hidden within… feel free to lay down any conditions you choose… but you have but to agree and I will undo the bargin made with your sisters.”

Tera listened to them both, her arms holding Allie close and then said, “Promises… Promises… Why do I not believe…”

She smiled a little bit, “If you are so sure about the wish that I have Legion… Tell me it… All of those that are mine share it as well… Or is it simply my own desire? Or is it a desire? Do I have desires to wish for or are they wishes alone?”

Tera sighed at Andrea’s touch and then continued, “Do I wish to have Andrea as she is or as another of mine? Would I give up what and who I am for her asking? Do I dare to consider leaving all that I have created for the love that she gives and I return?”

A wistful smile crossed her lips, “IF you are many Legion… I am more than I seem as well…”

She tilted her head backwards to look up into Andrea’s eyes and explained, “When I appear… I am myself… I do not change my shape or form… I appear as who I am…. Not a shadow of another… Not as a wish of an image of someone else… There is no need to… Those that ask can see what it all means… Some far better than others… Because they have felt it too…”

Then Tera was quiet a moment before she finished with, “Whether you remain or go is your choice Legion… The passageway is there and I am certain you know the means to leave by now… Andrea… The same is true for you… But you know well that it has always been that way… Because I would never hold you here by a demand… That is not how we are… Nor ever will be…”

Everything a fight, oh well… it IS what you expected.

He looked at the Queen in calm askance, “I enjoy the company of you and your kin oh Queen, though I will admit I do not enjoy how I am perceived.”

He shrugged lightly, “I have made every consession and dealt with mild threats from your consort about harming you, when that has never been my intention.  I have given no reason not to trust and have gone to considerable lengths to earn some… yet I am regarded with distrust.”

He shook his head sadly, his voice was calm and not at all accusing, simply stating facts, “I have only wanted to teach and to learn from you Oh Queen.  To share things from our unique side of reality.”

And even though no one could see it, they all sensed his eyebrow going up in a questioning look, “Are you all so fearful of me and my intentions that no act of trust is allowed to be accepted?”

His hand flexed slowly and he watched it for a moment, “My offer to free your sisters is open… you have but to say it and it will be done… along with whatever terms you feel are needed to safe guard them and you.”

Tera considered a moment and then said, “Trust is a two way street Legion… I trust that Andrea knows what is important to me and I to her… I trust that Allie is happy and cared for and she knows that I trust her to grow and learn in her time…”

Her tail tapped a bit on the couch and then, “What I am is not what you see Legion… The same can be said of you as well… In you case the many that you have dealt with have encircled you and hidden you from view.. In my case, the legends and tales of my kind and of me have coloured the view of the universe to who I am…”

She looked at Allie and then to Andrea again, “Only some that know me truly do…”

She continued, “If I ask for their release then you will require something in return Legion… The scales must be balanced at some point… Equal and opposite reactions… That is a universal truth…”

I look at Legion and at Tera with a dawning awareness.

“Perhaps there is a way.”  I say with some reserve.  I am perhaps meddling in affairs that are beyond me … but then again, that is what I’ve been doing since I was 16.

“Tera,”  I say stepping before her.  “Love … I know what it is to have dreams that will never come true … I know what it is to desire for things forever beyond my reach.”

I look back at Legion. “Maria and Deedra had dreams that were beyond them.  If what Legion says is indeed true.  And they love, certainly Maria, is giving love and joy to others, just as you and I do.  That is a calling worthy of even a succubus.”

I look at them both. “The issue here is whether Legion has used these desire to entrap them or enrich them.  I suggest that we remove the trappings of entrapment from these “deals” and all other “deals” that Legion has made with your sisters.”

“Maria is a mother with children, one who has desired this in her existence.  Give her back her knowledge of herself.  If this is truly what she wishes, such knowledge won’t harm her and may well be of benefit to those she loves and cares for.  Give her back her skills and abilities but temper her perceptions as a mortal so that she can be what her husband and children need to be.”

“Allow Deedra to be able to experience the joy of submission, but do not make it the only way in which she can have joy, just the preferred way so that she can explore what she so desperately wishes for, but can continue to fullfill her duties to the Queen and to her nature.”

I look at them both. “And bring them all before us here, each of those succubi that you have dealt with. If you have been honest and truthful with us, they will not mind as they know Tera and her love for them and will understand that she is only concerned for their welfare.  We will also not strip them of their hearts desire if that is truly what they wish, we shall only require that such deals be modified to the extent needed to guarantee that they can be who and what they are.”

I turn my attention to Legion and gaze at him intently. “You will also give into Tera’s hands the contracts so that she herself shall hold them and see that they are abided by and that no manipulation of them is possible with the understanding that she will break them if anything is found not to be in order.”

“If you do this, and the Queen is satisfied, then we may allow you to feely interact with Tera’s other sisters in a manner which does not interfere with their duties.  After all … ” I say looking back at my beloved. “Everyone deserves a chance to have their dreams come true.”


Chances are…


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    Such a wise proposal on Andrea’s part! I look forward to the reactions.

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