Playing With The Queen of Hearts – A Succubi Story by TeraS

One of the most difficult things for me to do is to write a story. I don’t mean the actual writing of it, but thinking of something to put on the computer screen that meets two goals for me:

1. It is good enough?

2. It is interesting enough?

For this, my 7,000th post on the Garden, I have been trying to meet those two goals in a slightly different way. You see, Succubi and such things are sort of my “thing,” as most people know. So I tried to challenge myself to write something … different.

For the longest time I couldn’t come up with something that was … different. Still, I hate passing a milestone without having something to mark it.

Some might remember that the last milestone was marked with a lot of sadness in my life. This time I wanted to do something hopeful and maybe just a little bit silly or playful …

So here, such as it is, is a story for this milestone … I blame my hero, Fzy, for giving me this idea … And to James for giving it a needed editing…

Love and Huggles always…


T7K—Playing With The Queen of Hearts
By TeraS

There are many casinos in Las Vegas. Places were you can bet on the horses, play cards, spin the wheel at Roulette; so many ways to take chances and see what happens …

Every so often, a game is played where the stakes are somewhat higher than you would expect.

Off in a quiet corner of one of these casinos—yes, there are quiet places there if you know where to look for them—a blond card girl arrived at her table and began to set things up for a game. She was told that this was for a special customer of the casino and that she would be rewarded for her service to that customer and the casino.

The card girl’s name was Patty. She was quite ordinary looking in her official attire: a black bow tie, white shirt, and black pants with low black heels. She ran her fingers through her short-cropped hair and then simply waited for … … well … for whoever she was supposed to wait for. All she knew was that it was a female customer and that, no matter what, according to the management, she was not to argue with her. In this case, apparently, the customer was always right, no matter what.

Nothing happened for a time, and that gave Patty some time to think. She wasn’t unhappy with her life as such, boring as it was. It seemed to be the same thing over and over again: wake up, get to the casino, deal, leave, go back to bed.  She did find herself wondering, on occasion, what the lives of the rich and famous whom she saw from time to time were like, wondered if they had the same boredom in their lives, even if the gossip magazines said otherwise.

The sound of one of the ropes—one connected to the railing around her—being removed brought her back to the present, and she was about to explain that this was a private table when her voice caught.

Standing there, holding one end of the rope she had removed, was an absolute show-stopper. Patty had seen beautiful women before, but this one was not your garden-variety fashion plate.

She had a really nice smile. It was odd that Patty had noticed that first, but that smile was directed at her, and it seemed like that smile was very sincere. For some reason, the twinkle in this woman’s green eyes reflected something like mischief, as well. She was wearing a slinky black dress, cut to show a good deal of leg, but nowhere near in a trashy way. The dress only gave a teasing suggestion of the beauty wrapped within it. A pair of red stiletto heels completed the picture, the picture of a woman who knew she was beautiful but didn’t need to scream that fact to the world.

Clipping the rope back in place, the woman said in a warm voice, “I believe you are waiting for me?”

Patty didn’t quite know for certain, but the ease with this woman took her place at the table, as if she owned it when she arrived there, made it difficult for her to say anything other than, “I guess so, Ma’am. My name is …”

“Patty. It is Patty isn’t it?”

This was confusing, and for one very important reason: Patty wasn’t wearing a name tag to identify herself. That was something her boss had made clear. She decided that the person who was meant for this table was told her name.  That made her feel a bit better as she nodded and then picked up a sealed package of cards. Focusing her attention on the cards, she asked, “Is there a particular game you would like to play? No one told me which one you would like, Ma’am, and …”

“Tera. Please just call me Tera. I don’t stand on formalities.”

A nod. “All right … Tera.” The cards were opened and Patty shuffled them for a bit before she said, “You still haven’t told me the game.”

“Twenty-one: just a simple, friendly game.”

“No bets?”

“Mmm … Not as yet, no, perhaps a bit later.”

Patty felt she was being examined as she finished shuffling the cards, invited Tera to cut them, and then dealt out the first hand.

Twelve hands were played, and Patty‘s confusion grew even more. Tera had lost every single hand she had been dealt. Patty was of the opinion that she was dealing with someone who had never played cards before. Maybe that was why the casino had made this accommodation for her.

Before dealing the next hand she asked, “Tera, tell me something, will you?”

“Of course.”

“Have you ever played blackjack before?”

The laugh was musical, “Oh gosh, yes: many, many times with many different people for all sorts of different stakes. I’m just very unlucky so far tonight. Perhaps that will change with the next hand … You interested in a friendly bet?”

Patty was about to say she wasn’t, but two things stopped her. The first was that, over the last hour that they had played cards, Patty had come to like Tera more than she expected. The other was that order from her boss to be accommodating.

“I can’t bet money on the tables. I’d lose my job if anyone saw me.”

“Well I don’t want that to happen. How about something more … esoteric in nature?”

She held the cards in her right hand and thumbed the one on top before answering, “As long as it’s not money.”

Tera seemed happy at that, “Excellent! How about this. If I win the next hand you get a gift from me. Something that you have always wanted. But if you win, then you give a gift to me instead.”

Patty’s face showed that the confusion over the situation she found herself in was pushing her near the breaking point. This bet was odd beyond reason to her. There was no possible way that Tera would know of what she really wanted. As for the other chance, Patty had no way of knowing what that would be.

Stuttering a bit, Patty answered, “I … I don’t understand. Either way, it seems that I win.”

“Probably so. So, just say yes. What have you got to lose? I promise that nothing bad will happen to you. Who knows? You might even like it!”

Patty looked at Tera’s smile again. There didn’t seem to be anything other than sincerity behind it. She had seen fake smiles before—at her tables, when customers had wanted to put a knife through her chest after they had lost a bet. Here was someone who didn’t seem interested in money, nor did she care what the result of her bet would be.

Putting the cards on the table, Patty nodded and was about to explain what she always wanted. But instead, Tera shook a finger at her, “Ah, ah, ah! Don’t tell me. Write it on one card from the deck. Don’t show me, and then put it face down on the table.”

She turned away from Tera and wrote her wish on the card with the pen she always carried for writing out claim forms and other minutia for the casino’s guests from time to time. Turning back, she placed it on the table between the two of them. The single red backed card lay there forlornly, as Patty expected her wish to be.

Tera seemed to become much more serious than she had been so far, “Two cards, please, Patty: one for you, one for me.  Let’s start the game.”

The cards were dealt and Tera flipped her card up.  It was the Ace of Hearts.

Patty winced at that. It was a really good start for Tera this time. She wasn’t sure that she could win this game.

“Turn yours over please, Patty…”

Patty’s hand touched the top of the card and …

… she was in bed with Tera. They were spooned against each other, the heat from Tera’s body keeping her warm in spite of them laying on top of the silk sheets. Tera’s lips were kissing softly at the nape of Patty’s neck, fingers rubbing against her nipples, her breath catching as other fingers began to stroke and play against the folds of her sex. And then …

… Patty blinked and looked at Tera.  The heat from that daydream, or whatever that was, had made her nipples stiff, and she was ever so slightly wet in her panties.

Tera seemed to have a bemused smile upon her face as she said, “Penny for your thoughts?”

Patty backed away from the table to gather her thoughts and bring herself under control again. She rationalized that she felt this way because she hadn’t been in a relationship for so long, that the daydream had arrived at that moment …

… not that it was a bad thing, but still…

“Well, that’s a good card isn’t it?”

Patty turned back to see that her first card was the Ace of Spades. Their hands were equal at that moment. She still had a chance to win the game. Straightening out her clothing a bit, she replied, “Still in the game yes.”

Tera nodded and simply pointed to the deck of cards.

Quickly, much more quickly than she otherwise would deal, two more cards hit the table, face down. She waited for Tera to turn hers over, but she didn’t.

“Turn mine over, please, will you?”

Patty’s fingers touched the card …

… Hot. Gawd she was hot. Long platinum blonde hair, hot sexy body wrapped in a pink latex dress that displayed all of her curves as if she was naked to the world. Just that thought was making her hot and wet as she smoothed the dress with her pink-nailed hands as she balanced on her pink stiletto heels. The doorbell rang and she ran to meet her lover there. She turned the handle and …

… Patty looked down at the Queen of Hearts. Blackjack. Twenty-One. There was no way she could possibly win this hand now. She knew full well the odds of matching Tera’s hand and placed her hands upon the table to brace herself, not because she knew she had lost, but because she was still shaking from that latest daydream.

“Twenty-One. I guess my luck has changed hasn’t it?”

Stifling a moan, Patty answered with, “Looks like it.”

“Turn your card over …”

Patty looked at the card in despair. She just knew she wouldn’t win. What could she get as a gift for Tera? A fridge magnet from the casino wouldn’t cut it. Not even close. And her own wish? That, she knew, was just a silly dream that never could have possibly happened anyway.

She turned the card over, but didn’t look at it.

“Well, that’s interesting.”

The words made her look at the card. Queen of Spades. Twenty-One. It was a draw? The confusion that she had been feeling overwhelmed her now, making her head begin to swim.  Then she felt the world begin to spin in circles before she blacked out and crumpled to the floor.

The next thing that came to her was Tera’s voice asking, “Honey? Come on … easy now … come back to me now…”

She opened her eyes to see Tera sitting behind and above her. It was odd, as if she was … resting in Tera’s lap?  “Well, of course I am”, Patty thought.  “Why wouldn’t I be? She’s always worried about the people she … loves?

A shake of her head, and then the questions started. “What … what happened? What’s going on?”

She was comforted by Tera’s smile and the words, “If you can stand up, I’ll show you …”

She came to her feet with some help from Tera and then realized something: she wasn’t wearing her work outfit. All she saw was a sea of pink latex over her body …

She was guided from the table they had been playing at towards one of the mirrored walls around them, a wall that was a part of the scenery she barely noticed anymore.

“Tera. What is going on?”

“Look in the mirror and tell me.”

She did so and was stunned by what she saw. Reflected in the mirror was Tera. That wasn’t the part that stunned her. What did was the sexy, platinum blonde woman who stood there with Tera. She watched as the woman in the mirror ran her hand … her own hand … through her long curls in wonder. She moaned as Tera brushed her hands over the blonde’s dress, smoothing out the wrinkles in the pink latex dress she wore.

Leaning against Tera, she asked, “How? Why?”

“Patty with a ‘y’ was asking, ‘Why can’t I be happy? Why can’t I find someone? Why am I in the place I am in?’ Patti with an ‘i’ knows, ‘I am loved. I am wanted. I am never alone.’”

“But …”

“No ‘buts’ about it, Honey …” Then Tera showed her a card. As her customer turned it over, Patti realized that it was the card she had written her wish upon. The card was the Joker. The wish was simple: “I’d like to be loved.”

She sniffled a bit: “Who are you?”

“It’s more like, ‘Who are we?’”

In the mirror, she now saw that Tera had a pair of small red horns in her hair and a long red tail was twining around one of Patti’s legs. The blonde had a pair of pink horns in her hair and a similar long tail, pink in colour, was twined around one of Tera’s legs in reply.

Instead of feeling frightened by the sight, she found that it felt right, as if she was home, as she was meant to be, and she had been away for too long.

“We are Succubi. We bring fantasies and desires to those who seek them. But for a few, for a very lucky few, we bring something that’s missing in this world: love and happiness …”

For a time, she melted into Tera’s touch, her sighs of happiness in this moment of being wanted and loved making the past slowly seep away, taking someone who wasn’t happy and giving her the one gift that mattered, the one gift that made a difference in her life.

“What’s …. what’s the catch, Tera?”

“You won’t be ‘Patty’ anymore. She’ll be a part of you somewhere, but you won’t be her. You’ll be one of mine, for I am the Queen, and you will be mine forevermore.”

She purred as Tera kissed the nape of her neck softly, “Doesn’t sound too … mmm … bad …”

“So the question is: who are you? Patty alone or Patti the Succubi?”

She looked in the mirror at the woman there. She was beautiful, even if the horns and tail looked a bit weird. She had memories of spending wonderful, loving time with Tera and her sisters back in their home. She compared that with the life alone that she had always known and then made her choice…

“I’m Patti.”

In the next moment, Patty was no more and the new Patti came to be her reality.

In another casino, sometime later, a table was reserved for a special customer. The dealer waited there patiently for her to arrive. Robert was thinking about leaving the casino soon: the job wasn’t fun, his life wasn’t fun, and he needed to move on. But before he could do that, he had to do this job for his supervisor. He had been told only that it was for a female client of the casino and that he was to be accommodating to her.

He was idly shuffling the cards and placing them on the table in front of him when a soft giggle made him look up. He looked into the eyes of the platinum blonde knockout who was twirling the rope she had taken from the railings surrounding him. She wasn’t a bimbo, that much he was sure of, as the black dress she wore was sexy but not trashy. The purr from her pink lipstick-covered lips—“I think you are waiting for me”—told him that it would be an interesting night …

What he didn’t notice was that the two cards that were facing up on the table were the Queen of Spades and the Queen of Hearts …

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    • James on June 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    A lovely, fun story, for which I did very, very little.

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