Jun 05 2010

Drawing a Succubus YouTube…

I’m really quite happy that a number of artists are placing YouTubes of their works in progress… Especially the Succubi ones…

And this is another one of those that is really very very well done!

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


This is the work of an artist named Laurlolz. They seem to specialize in Anime and Manga works. What really surprises me is that all of this is done in GIMP, a free graphic program that is similar to Photoshop, but not quite as advanced… It’s also important to note that this work took about three hours to complete…

The image that I am showing here, to the left, is a small portion of his finished work which you can find at Deviantart here.

She is a delicious looking Succubus, though I wish she had a tail, all Succubi really should have a tail in my eyes to be perfect, but then I am a bit biased on that I think…

I wonder about why her horns are the same colour as her skin tone. This is something that you don’t see often in an image of a Succubus. Most are red, which is a traditional skin tone or black, reflecting another of the more “evil” tones. Mind you, my version of Succubi have flesh tones for skin colour, but as far as I have been able to figure out, none have the same colour for their horns. It brings up the question of if her horns are actually covered in skin or not… That’s an interesting thought come to think about it…

I like the orange of her hair, that’s something you don’t tend to see a lot of in more art of Succubi… Really quite like that a lot…

Please do visit his site and leave comments!

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    She is meant to be a warrior-type succubi, it seems, and she has broken out of something . . . rather intriguing.

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