Temptations 63

The question that one must ask themselves at least once in their lives is, what would you sacrifice for another? Is it worth anything? Or are some things more important than others?

Something for the Queen of the Succubi to think about… and her love…


Temptations 63

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

He turned from Andrea and listened as she spoke and smiled softly at her sadness.

“Who said the children were hers? Is adoption or remarriage unknown?  The children and the husband needed a mother and a wife… Maria desired to be that for a time.  Maria didn’t want to remember because she feared that it would harm the children in the long run.  As for Deedra, it too was what she desired.”

He shook his head, “I hide no ‘secret conditions’, they are not being harmed, quite the opposite… they are happy, where they wanted to be.  Just like many of those that come to you.”

He too now smiled sadly, “As to their knowlage, I have used it to find my way here to meet you.  I have not used it to harm anyone, it is not how I deal.  Is it so wrong for Succubi’s to have desires and dreams?”

He looked over at Andrea, “Did not you desire someone like Andrea in your life, though for a time you did not even know you yearned for it?”

He sat again facing the three women, “I will say again I mean no harm, but it seems as if I am unwelcomed here.  If you wish me to leave I shall.”

I look at him with newfound respect.  Powerful he may be … but immortality?   And he had indeed seen part of my thoughts but did not have the frame of reference to understand them.

I laugh softly, my face softening in humor.  It is always the most powerful that seem in so many ways to misunderstand the most basic and fundemental of human needs and desires.

I listen to Tera speak … and consider what I have heard.

“No … I do not think you should be angry with me at all Legion.  What I did was share with you simply a taste of the most precious gift that humanity possess’s … something that you did not understand and still largely do not.  Did I cause you to fall madly and passionately in love with me … did I flay your soul with hatred so vile that you could not have lived with yourself?  Did I harm you in any way or do naught to you but give you the gentlest of touches and allow you to experience something that is far beyond anything that you have known before. Beleive me, I could have.  The angels in heaven can not resist me if I choose it to be so.  It was a gift … given without thought of return, and I do not expect guests in my house to be troubled by gifts.” I say with a smile.

“And you misundertand my desires Legion, those small few that remain unfullfilled.  I have been offered immortality by one that I trust.  And love … love always strives, wishes to be all things to those you love.  Love without these struggles is of no value, nothing which comes easily is.  You say I wish to have my mind at rest, but what I truly wish is to make all of Tera’s dreams come true, to love her with all of my heart for all of my life.  To speak her name with my last breath and to carry our love with me to heaven so that the angels can glory in the light that it sheds.”  I say with a sweet smile.

“Tera will not forsake me … and I know I shall always be beautiful in her eyes.” I smile.

“I am mortal and Tera is not.  I am human and she is a succubi.  There are differences, things we do not understand about the other.  But we shall grow together as we learn, our love and devotion cementing what we are together in ways that can not be created by mere comprehension or peace of mind.  Yes, sometimes it is painful but in the end it only serves to enrich what comes for each pain, each effort only makes what we share that much more valued and prized.  All you offer is to quickly do what we shall learn to do on our own and deny us the beauty that that effort will create.  No Legion … such is not a bargain worth making.”

I gently stroke Tera’s shoulder as I continue my lesson. “One does not truly love one in spite of who or what they are, but because of what they are.”

I smile softly. “I have no wish to be anything other the Andrea and I have no wish to love any other but Tera.”

I look at him gently … seeing his confusion and mounting frustration.  For a moment I feel pity for him … so much power … such an accomplished salesman.  Had he approached me before the party I am certain I would have gladly sampled his wares, perhaps Tera would have as well.  Now … now his words and promises are useless.  He is, in a word, dangerous but harmless all at once.

“What you can offer I do not need, what I wish, you can not offer.” I say gently.

I look down at my beloved and smile.  “I am happy that Deedra and Maria are happy if the choice they made is, as you said, of their own free will, and if the strength you have taken from them is indeed put to good purpose and that, in the end, their lives are better fullfilled by the experience in the end … a great many “if’s” that have yet to be borne out.”

“However, there is a crucial difference between yourself and my beloved.”  I say as I gently kiss her forehead. “What Tera gives she gives without thought of recompense, only for the joy of making the lives of others fullfilled.  Perhaps you do the same in your way but you do so for a price and not necessarily to fullfill the lives of others.  For example Deedra is immortal.  She may be happy with her choice now … but she enjoyed pleasure and joy in her orignal state as well, pleasure that she can no longer have and she has forfieted much of what she once was to obtain it.  In a century or a millenium … will she regret that choice?  You grant a heart’s desire, but what a heart desires does not always fullfill one, is that not true Legion.”

Perfect he thought quietly.

Andrea had rejected his offer… as he had hoped she would.

If she had accepted he could have worked that as well, but her rejection was just what he had been looking for.

Another piece he thought with an inward smile.

Still, he had to deal with this other matter, “Yes M’lady Andrea, you are quite correct.  But Queen Tera has given a few desires I could name that have done the same thing.  We offer what is desired, with no strings, no hidden meaning.”

Not usually, he thought, thinking of one of Tera’s little games that had a man seeking to help another end up being enslaved by a Domm… somehow he didn’t think that was what the young man had in mind at the start.

“As to not wishing to take me up on my offer,” he shrugged simply, “As you wish, I only sought to help.  If you desire to remain, then that is what shall be.  I had no desire to change the nature of your love or relationship with the Queen.  For you do not desire it and I do not wish to dissrupt so bonded a couple.  You desired to be better for her… but you choose to remain as she found you for that is how she loves you.”

He shrugged, “Very well. I would not disrupt that and I shall respect your wishes.”

“As to your ‘gift’,” he said casually, “I know love very well, you forget the emotions that I hold of all the others within me.  Now, personally I have found no love but I understand it… perhaps better than you think.”

He sat back before the three and tilted his head again, “And you have not yet answered my question, do you wish me to leave if you find what I am and what I do so offensive?”


I look at Legion with a calm demeanor.  Yes, a salesman confronted by at least one being who didn’t wish to buy, at least not at the price that was being offered.

Gently my thoughts drift to the part of Tera that existed within me always.  Love, how do you cope with an eternity of such beings.  Elemental powers always testing you, trying to bribe you or decieve you into doing their bidding. I probably should not have interfered … you are far more skilled at dealing with such beings than I am.  I presume too much at times beloved … but the thought of you being harmed … is more than I can bear.  And I know that this one has caused you grief and it is grief that I wish to protect you from always.

I love you … more than you may ever imagine.  Life without you would not be worth living … except to avenge myself upon the one that would have harmed you.

I look away from my love and to Legion as my hand gently strokes her cheek. “I can not say whether you are welcome or not Legion.  I know that you have brought grief and sorrow to our family and that you know this to be true.  And yet you are here, attempting to make a deal with those you have harmed.  Certainly you are a confident being and a brave one as well, for Tera is not alone.  There are many that love her and any that wish her harm would need to deal with them as well.  I am but one of these and hardly an important one at that.  And yet my beloved allows you here for purposes of her own choosing.  It is not for me to say whether you are welcome or not Legion, but it seems apparent that you are here as a salesman and I for one am not interested in your product.”

I lean down and gently brush a lock of her perfect hair away from her ear and whisper.  “Do you wish me to stay beloved?  I fear that I am not helping matters though I wish to.”


A silly question, but that’s for another time…



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    • James on June 1, 2010 at 8:58 am

    It is interesting how Legion seems blocked at every turn, but does not see himself as being blocked.

    • avatar
    • jake on June 2, 2010 at 4:07 am

    Was there ever a sequel to “A Personal Demon”
    sorry if this was posted in the wrong section.

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    • TeraS on June 2, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    It’s fine Jake…

    There was no other book written after A Personal Demon which to me is a shame…


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