May 29 2010

Devil Girl Boobs Animation…

I decided that something cute and silly was going to be the YouTube this week on the Tail. It took a while to find that, it appears that not a lot of people think of Succubi or Devil girls and being cute and sexy…

I’m really glad that this artist came to that decision…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


The artist calls themselves Blitzparson, and, in fact, posted this video on YouTube in June of 2009, so it has been there for a while…

That really doesn’t mean a lot because the work they put into this, and how good the animation is, makes that really not matter a bit.

Cute horns, perfectly teasing expression and, most importantly, she has the air of a playful Succubus around her that just makes me smile…

Which that they had done more…


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    She is very cute and fun. Nice for a Saturday! 8)

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