May 25 2010

Temptations 62

Succubi are dreams, nightmares on occasion, but what is the nightmare of a Succubi?


Temptations 62

By TeraS and Legion & Alei & Allison

I look at him, shock registering on my face as the implications of what he has said begin to reach me.  “So … you are here to find Tera’s greatest desire, grant it to her and then assume all of her powers, abilities and knowledge.  And I presume you have done this for a great while.  And to what ends to you put this impressive accumulation of power Legion.  Why should any of us trust you to use wisely what it is you seek … and who could oppose you if you were faithless with it’s application.”

Inwardly he groaned in frustration… questions, questions, questions… would he have to give his life story?

But, he knew this served his design… it just was the more frustrating aspects of it.

“I have no interest in Queen Tera’s skills, her power and the like.  For she is like me, a counterpart… our deal would be more of a private affair.  Besides… whatever she can do… I can, with some differances I am sure… and vise versa.  Even if I were of a mind to ‘force’ her, which I am not, we are so even that I doubt one could best the other without a very long and involved struggle.”

He shook his head, “But fighting is not what we are about anyway.  If the Queen does not like my thoughts…” he shrugged absently, though inwardly he sighed sadly at the thought, “Then I will leave as I came.”

He turned to Andrea and took a few steps toward her before stopping a slight distance away, “But you Andrea… you are so sad, in such turmoil.  Perhaps that is why you are so unsure of me… you are looking to prove something, not to the Queen but to yourself.”

He looked her over… seeing things no other eyes, apprently not even Tera’s, could see, “You have such a longing desire, it is like a mark on you.”

He inclined his head to the side, “I would be honored to grant you your desire… and you know I would not harm you, not in front of Queen Tera.  Let me give you your wish.”

I look at him as I might a dangerous viper with a polite turn of speach.

“My true desire … what would you know of that Legion, the man who knows so much, but not love.”  I say in a calm polite tone.

“For years I searched for my dream, I prayed for it every night … and then one day that dream came true in the most amazing manner possible.  Something I had never considered or thought was possible.  I live my dream and my greatest most heartfelt desire Legion.  And that dream is Tera.  I do not know what “private” arrangement you had planned, but mark my words, I would stand between her and Satan himself if that were required, even if it meant my certain death would I do so.  She is my world, my life, my every hope and dream, my deepest fantasy, my most heart wrenching need.  I love her.”  I whisper as my passion and love pour out throughout the room shattering his defenses and whispering past his heart, barely touching it and giving it just a taste of what my love is like.

I see his body language change, the emotion of surprise shifting his body oh so slightly, his aura altering ever so slightly as something he has never experienced in his oh so long life touches him, and opens his eyes to new possibilities.

“That is a taste of love Legion … just a taste.  What is it that you have that could possibly compare.”

He binks once or twice.  That had been unexpected.  Interesting though.

She is a powerful little lady isn’t she? he thought and raised his defenses again, but with a twist this time should she try that again.

Still he regarded her lightly, “If I were as bad as you think M’lady Andrea, wouldn’t I be enraged at your little…” he paused thinking of a polite way to say it, “Trick?”

“You worry about being mortal…a gifted one to be sure… but still mortal, loving a being like Queen Tera.  You fear what will happen as the years pass… you fear you will not be good enough… in your eye only… for the love she gives you.  You lay awake at night thinking it.  Your desire is not to have that fear and doubt… your desire is to be as you want to be for the Queen.  Not a change in heart and mind… but another kind.”

And as a moment ago he was caught off guard by Andrea’s power, he could now see her eyes widen in surprise at her hidden self seen and known and he could see the faintest glint in her eye that said one thing.

Can he really do that?

Tera spoke in a soft voice after the display that Legion had created and said a simple statement, “A child born of Succubi is but a dream that the Goddesses and Gods, Demons and Demonesses will never allow…For if they existed… Then the Succubi would be no more…”

She then continued to speak, “In the case of Deedra, you have effectively negated her powers. Period… In the case of Maria, she has lost all knowledge and access to her true self, and with that her tail self, until her mortal form dies. Thus you have effectively rendered her unable to interfere for a century towards anything that happens to her. Either way, they are both changed and made to be disconnected from their power… While you gain the knowledge and skills to use that power… And find a weakness in their defences so that you may take them when the deal is concluded.”

Tera smiled a little, “Check and match before they knew the fates that awaited them Legion… Bravo…”

Then Tera clapped her hands quietly as she said with a sad sigh, “Bravo…”


Is it worth having a dream true when you are not who you are?

Interesting question…


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    A good leader, our Queen Tera, sitting back and watching and assessing rather than entering too quickly into the fray.

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