May 23 2010

Two Short Thoughts About the Queen of the Succubi…

There is a game of sorts on the Garden of MC, linky in the sidebar, where you write little 55 word stories based on a word given by the previous writer. I have played a little bit there, and yes, by stories are Succubi based on some way…

Recently, two good friends on the Garden wrote two pieces that are connected in a way to the Queen of the Succubi…

And I would like to share them with you…

Sealed Deal By Wrider

I was there to look at the sights, not touch. I was there to see the wild fun, not experience it.

I wanted a taste, a whiff, a brief sensation, a brief walk on the tightrope of pleasure.

But her curves, her emerald eyes, her promising voice…

Her Cherry-flavored lips are what sealed the deal.

That short story was followed by a little tale from SB, a dear friend and wonderful writer…

Plea by SB

According to everything I was taught, I should be afraid of you…. A woman with fiery, red skin, mesmerizing stare, a swishing tail and a pair of horns protruding from her black hair isn’t human and yet…

… I love you helplessly and yearn to bask in your lust.

Will you have me, Mighty Queen?

And in return I wrote this little piece of thanks…

Bemused by TeraS

She read the words in the thread with a smile. That bemused one that said so much, and meant more than most could understand.

But for the few that could, would.

She put fingers to keyboard to leave a little note of love, thanks and more.

Reading between the lines, she hoped, others would see.

Thank you’s and huggles to you both for the lovely stories you both created…



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    You are so lucky to have two such gifted writers as friends.

  2. avatar

    And one in particular…

    *huggles James*


  3. avatar

    You honor me once more. Thank you, Milady!


  4. avatar

    Anytime and always dearest SB…


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