Succubi Image of the Week 126

For this week’s Succubi, I am going to share a 3D image with the permission of the artist that created her and hope to direct you to visit his site and see all of the amazing work he has created…

This work is called Jubiel’s Croptop and is the work of the artist Johnathan Darkly who has graciously allowed me to post this image here on the Tale to share with you all. Johnathan’s interest is in 3D images and his site Luminous Shadows, contains much of the work that he has created. You can find an animated version of this work here, and a more closeup version of Jubiel here as well.

I just love the latex-like skin she has, the lighting highlights are very realistic looking and help to make her look so very right. I do find myself wondering if she has a tail and what that might look like too. She has an interesting expression that, to me, looks to be just this side of a come-hither look, though on the site she is described as generally having a sneer.

There are a series of images of Jubiel that you can find on part of his site called The Erotinomicon, and in one of those images you can see what Jubiel’s tail looks like. And that tail is exactly what I had hoped it would look like…

The croptop she is wearing nicely moulds itself to her curves, though I wonder what she might look like wearing a corset or something similar to that…

Possibly the one thing that really catches me is her eye… I like the reflections in it quite a lot, green is, after all, the right shade for a Succubus…

If you visit Johnathan’s site, you will see that his work is mainly in the fantasy realm with some touching of the worlds of science fiction as well…

I’ve added a link to Johnathan’s site in the sidebar and I hope that you will visit him and see his work!

Thank you again so much for allowing this Johnathan!



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    • James on May 20, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    He really does some impressive work, Majesty. Thanks for pointing him out.

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