Temptations 61

Succubi have dreams too, but are some of those dreams too costly?


Temptations 61

By TeraS and Legion & Alei & Allison

Oh dear… it seems the young lady is ready to get violent he thought absently.

Not that it was outwardly easy to notice.  But dealing with people as long as he had he could detect the deepest emotion from the slightest move.  And he saw the way her eyes narrowed, the way the hand that was not clutching Queen Tera clenched, and the honey laced with poison in her words and tone.

This needs to be derailed quickly… I suppose I can show a card… as long as I don’t show the whole deck.  But they still don’t understand what I am after… and they can’t… not until the time is right.

His eyes went wide in mild surprise… he thought they understood after all, “Captured?  Enthralled?  My dear lady, none of Queen Tera’s and Allie’s sisters are captured… nor are they enthralled.  I dealt with them, yes.  But the deals were honest and true.  Here, see for yourself.”

He quietly drew a box in the air and an image formed, much like a TV.  It showed a lovely blonde nude woman tied down and blindfolded, a second woman stood over her… playing with her sex.  The blonde was sweat soaked and screaming in pleasure, obviously having been doing this for awhile.

“This, as I am sure you know my Queen, is Deedra.  She desired to be truly dominated… to be the one who gave up control to another.  But being a Succubi means that you always have the power to change that, to have an out.  I came to her and saw her desire… granted her wish… and now she cannot use her skills while being dominated… because if she does… she simply will not climax.  The more submissive she is… the greater her pleasure… the more she tries to dominate… the longer it will take her to climax.  And she never will as long as she tries to be dominate.”

He looked at the screaming woman, her whole body a monument to the pleasure filling her as the other woman pushed her fingers deeply into the helpless woman’s wetness.

“She doesn’t look unhappy to me.”

The scene shifted, this time it showed a far too sexy redhead in the simple outfit of a suburban wife.  Three children came around and hugged her before running out the door to the bus in the distance.  “This is Maria.  As I am sure you are no doubt aware, she has been walking among the mortals for sometime.  But she was always facinated by children… what it takes to have that kind of life… a loving husband… children and such.  I offered her that chance.  She will grow old with her children, face all the highs and lows that comes with such a life and when she ‘dies’ she will be reborn as her natural Succubi self.  Of course, right now she doesn’t know she was one… that would… complicate matters.  But she is no more ‘captured’ than you are M’lady Andrea.”

The scene faded away and he noticed the mildly surprised looks on the three women, “Is it such a surprise my Queen that some of your subjects have secret desires?”  he looked back where the scene had been, “In Maria’s case, she wanted what you found in Andrea… only a bit more to the mortal side of things.  All of your subject, I believe there are three more that I dealt with, made an honest deal with me… as you did with those that come here.  They received what they wanted and in return, so did I.”

He turned to Andrea and decided that, perhaps, it was time to turn the tables on the Queen’s consort.  He had been grilled by her fierce protection of the Queen, now maybe she needed more physical proof of the fact he meant what he said.  But… no, not quite yet.  She liked her role as her lover’s protector. But he wondered how she would react when he offered her, her own heart’s desire.

I look at the magical display with a degree of disdain and disbelief.  Impressive, just as a door to door salesman hawking his inferior goods door to door might do.  They would certainly tell one about all of the advantages of their product, lie about them if necessary but never would they tell you the downside … that, unfortuneately, one had to find for themselves. And of course, I knew at least one of the images was an impossibility, and illusion at best.

A mistake trying to pedal that one with me …

But that was the failing of the all knowing … they weren’t … not really. They just didn’t know it.

“Very interesting … but pray tell, why, by your own admission, did these sucubbi first attempt to flee and fight you before accepting these most gracious of gifts, and more importantly, what exactly do you receive in return deal maker?”

He sighed.. she really was being difficult.

“For the same reason you are questioning me so hard M’lady,” he said in a light tone, “They didn’t understand who and what I was at first… and why their power was ineffective on me.”

He looked at his natural form, all hood, cloak, a hidden face, “And unfortunately sometimes my appearance startles people… I could update to a more 21st century look… but this is my form and I am comfortable with it.”

That question taken care of he moved on to the other one… the one he had been coaxing Andrea to ask.

“As for what I get in return…” he smiled, “I tend to only want one thing, though there have been a few small exceptions.”

His features melt and suddenly he is in the form of the timid man that first entered the library… they shift again… and now he is a she, a she looking just like Deedra.

“I take their knowlage… their skills… their emotions… their desires…” the voice of Deedra said gently, “I take it all and copy it.  Deedra is unchanged… other than what she asked for.  She still has all her memory and skills… but now so do I.”

Deedra’s face morphed again and he returned to his natural form, “Why do you think I am called Legion?”

“And before you again grow nervous M’lady Andrea, this is done with full consent.  The Queen’s subject’s had to be shown… as you have… all that I am to prove to them I was no threat.”

He shook his head, “I do not understand what I have done to offend you M’lady.  But I wish no quarral between us.”


There will be however some of that sooner than later…


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    • James on May 18, 2010 at 9:54 am

    This is intriguingly hot. You all did a great job. I wish I wrote this well.

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