May 16 2010

A Story About the Succubi Queen…

Last month was my birthday, most of my family knows or rather knew that…

James, my Dearest Heart wrote a story for me that I would like to share with you all today… It’s something I didn’t expect to receive. He wrote a story called Divine Detente which tells a story of Tera the Succubi Queen meeting some of the Greek Gods and what happens there…

And how Tail comes to see that there are things she doesn’t understand quite yet, but someday will…

Thank you my heart for your support always…




Divine Détente

By James – Tera’s Heart

It is well known that the Realm of the Collective Succubi exists in a different relationship to time from our earthly universe.  Time passes at a different rate for them, and they are able to pass into our world at different points in time, at least on occasion.  But even a succubi’s ability to manipulate that temporal relationship is limited.

Yet there may indeed be some beings in this world—well, maybe not so much “be” as “have been”—who could break those temporal rules, perhaps completely unravel all the rules of the succubi.

Queen Tera’s sleep had been fitful for several nights.  There were strange dreams, dreams of ancient temples with Dorian columns, of women and men in togas, and, from time to time, of a large, powerful, bearded man with a pitchfork.  He wasn’t her Eternal—usually the only man in her dreams.  He wasn’t even an incubi—there were no horns, no tail.  But he had the most piercing eyes, almost overpowering.

There was one other thing: in the dreams, everybody was wet.

Far beneath the Mediterranean waves, in a world still dominated by wooden sailing vessels, the bearded deity Neptune looked about his temple.  His most devoted human followers were, by his grace, alive and well in the submerged and transformed city of Atlantis.  The doubters had been destroyed when he pulled the city and its temple down into his presence, but many still survived to serve him, praise him, and bring him joy.  Yet he was still unsatisfied, restless.

The sea god’s mind had been searching time and various realities, longing for someone who was, to his mind, a more suitable match.  When he found this gorgeous woman, with a throne and followers of her own, it seemed, a regal bearing, and great expertise with the trident, he was intrigued.  Upon seeing her eyes, greener than the deepest ocean, he was enchanted.  True, the horns reminded him a bit of the old titan Oceanus, whom Neptune had destroyed long ago, but she was, otherwise, very different.

In an effort to find her, Neptune had been focusing on the sensual creature’s dreams.  At first, they were dreams of swimming.  She would dive into the Lake of Fire and come up amidst marble steps and columns.  In her waking mind, she might wonder if it was the grotto at the Playboy mansion, but her dreaming mind was a bit too fuzzy to care.

With each passing night, the dreams became more vivid, more complete, more arousing.  By the second night, she knew this was not Hugh Hefner’s grotto, and she woke up in a tangle of sweaty sheets.  After the third night, she and Keith awoke to her straddling her Eternal, grinding herself upon him.  This continued a few more nights; her consort had no complaints, but he knew something was amiss.  The Queen desperately wanted to tell him, but found that something kept her from talking about it.  This was even more disturbing.

After a week, Tera tried avoiding sleep.  She had a new Maccubi-9000 computer to break in, and told herself that was the reason to put in some late hours.  When her mortal friend from across the virtual fence suggested to her that something else was going on and offered to help, Realm Instant Messenger announced to him that their conversation was temporarily suspended.

Even so, she finally succumbed to slumber.  Her angelkitty, with Keith’s help, was able to get the Queen into her bed, but there, in her somnolent state, the large, well-muscled, bearded man appeared over her.  She was prone as she slept, and the god-like figure—why had she thought of him that way?—ran fingers through her raven curls, then pulled the sheet back from her body.  She could, somehow, see herself from his point of view, tracing his finger along her curves, making her body tingle, even as she saw a possessive, wild desire in his eyes.  She so desperately wanted her Eternal, sleeping next to her, to come to her aid, but he seemed unmoving, unmovable. Then the visitor touched the Succubi’s tail and she gasped; if he knew how sensitive she was there . . . but she woke with a start, ending the reverie.

Still, there was a very real puddle on the floor where she had dreamt the visitor was standing.

Keith still seemed quite unconscious, but Tera was now determined.  Dreams or no, someone was clearly invading her Realm on some level, putting all her subjects, all her family, in danger, and she would not let that stand.  As she took purposeful strides across the floor, she was quickly clad in black boots, jeans, a black jumper, and a red leather jacket.  She had the strongest urge to grab a pitchfork as she headed for the portal.  Even though it was not her custom to confront others armed save in play, she took her sharpest, best-balanced implement.  Once she was in the human world, she would look for this odd place of which she had dreamt.

She stepped out of the portal into water.  She was under water: her long black hair was floating, just a bit, ringlets caught up in small, otherwise invisible eddies, and she felt just as if she was submerged in a pool.  Yet she could breathe and see quite normally, and her body was not trying to float to the surface.  As she looked around her, she recognized the vision from her dreams, complete with stone columns and men and women in various stages of sexual congress.  And each and every one of them—well, to whatever extent they were dressed at all—dressed in a toga.  In fact, the only one in the room not so attired was . . .

. . . Damn! She was dressed in a toga, too.

Then Tera realized that all these others were fornicating for the entertainment of the one on the throne, and then she finally saw . . . him.

He seemed even more powerful, more . . . how could she think of him as sexy? But she realized that her heart was beating slightly faster as he smiled down on her.  “So,” he boomed, “you are finally here, ready for me to enjoy you.”

“Enjoy me?”  The Queen arched en eyebrow.  “No one enjoys me save those I wish do so.  I want to know who you are, and what you were doing in my Realm.”

“I am Neptune, and I am a god.  No one resists me.” Tera had to admit to herself that, somehow, his voiced thrummed through her in a fantastic way.  “I found you and reached across the mists of time and the vagaries of space to allow you into my world.”

“I know of the Divine, and I know She does not behave this way.  I’m still not entirely sure She wants to have anything to do with my kind.”  The Queen of the Succubi was steeling herself against his sexuality by reminding herself that he was an enemy. “You”—Tera took up a battle stance with her pitchfork—“are an invader into my Realm, a threat to those I hold dear, and I shall not abide that.”

“Ah, yes!  The wielder of the trident!  Almost as good as me; part of what attracted me to you, my horned little morsel.” A weapon very much like Tera’s appeared in his hand.  “Very well: we shall spar first, and, when I best you, then you shall give yourself to my desires.”

Neptune lunged at the succubi, but she quickly parried his first attack, and the next several.  She was more than matching the ancient ocean being’s moves at first, and using her own considerable advantages.  Her tail swatted him on the backside, eliciting an instinctive turn, which allowed her to shove the blunt end of her weapon into his solar plexus, and then, as he doubled over, her tines hit his face sideways hard enough to leave red marks.

But, while much about this submarine environment was surprisingly normal to her, Tera began to feel the resistance that comes of moving one’s limbs in water.  Neptune, meanwhile, seemed to fly through the currents effortlessly, and he began to gain the upper hand.  Suddenly, he knocked her pitchfork out of her hand and bashed her to the marble floor.  She was seeing stars as she felt the steel points of his pitchfork . . . er, trident against her throat.  She was pinned down under the god, his surprisingly large, fully engorged member was approaching her, and, as his mind reached into her slightly-dazed psyche, she realized that, once he entered her, she might not be able to avoid liking it . . . no, loving, craving it.

Then the oddest look came over his face, a mixture of pain and embarrassment.

A foot had connected to the sea-deity’s scrotum with deadly accuracy.  As he began to crumple, a well-manicured hand pulled his weapon away and his quarry slipped out from under him.  The succubi seemed to have her second wind, and also seemed to be much more ruthlessly offensive in her movements than before.  When he had a chance to notice anything at all, Neptune seemed to think her hair was now fiery red and her horns and tail jet black.

Tera’s Tail-self swung around and thrust the sharpened end of her enemy’s trident into his back.  He seemed to vaporize instantly.

All the others in the temple had fallen to their faces.  Tera, seeming more herself, including her attire, dropped Neptune’s fork, picked up her own, whispered a “thank you” to Tail, and stepped into the portal home.

Tail stepped into the Realm, somewhat more sleekly dressed; she preferred a black latex, sleeveless unitard to Tera’s jeans and jumpers or sweaters, and she preferred her boots to be knee-high, with a somewhat higher, spiked heel.

But she was puzzled at her other self’s apparent absence.

Tera, meanwhile, still under water, turned to see the temple she had expected to leave.  And she saw the real reason everyone else had their faces to the ground: a tall, beautiful blonde woman, exuding even more sexuality than Neptune, stepped from behind the throne.  Her deep blue eyes and ample, though not oversized, bosoms, along with her golden hair trailing almost to her waist, were quite prominent, especially since she wore nothing else.  The Succubi Queen would easily be quite intrigued, were she not annoyed with being detained here . . .

. . . and more than a little concerned that something—or someone—seemed to be missing.

“Pleased to meet you, Tera,” the naked woman said, her voice a warm, smokey syrup in the succubi’s ear.  She seemed to slide down the stone stairway every bit as smoothly as her words wrapped around the pleasure center of her guest’s mind.  A perfectly manicured hand was extended, and the Queen reached out for it in greeting, but the mystery woman bypassed that hand, sliding her own up the guest’s arm, caressing the back of her neck under the raven curls, then the delicate ear, finally cupping Tera’s cheek in her surprisingly warm hand.  The succubi let out an involuntary purr before she realized what had happened, much less wonder how her hostess knew her name.

“My name is Salacia,” the aquatic woman continued, “and I am . . . well, was the wife of Neptune.  Thank you for that, by the way.  He was a gorgeous piece of beefcake, but also a misogynistic ass; pulled all sorts of tricks to keep me in the background, even though I am more powerful than he ever was.  Then he used those damn paternalistic pigs to write all the stories while barely mentioning me.” Tera barely noticed how close her hostess was standing now, or how her the hand not cupping her cheek was now tracing slow, gentle lines up and down her back.

“Anyway, sweetie, you did me a huge favor.  You got him out of the way, and you brought yourself to me.  I never would have been as boldly stupid as he, never would have tried to reach across time and into your Realm.  We both now that the time of my kind is limited, that we gods will all be gone by the time your kind flourishes.  Neptune was too dense to notice that, but some of the others get it, get that such obvious moves draw the attention of the humans and cause them to engage their own critical thinking, and that will be our downfall.”  Tera did not notice how she was nearly motionless, rocking to the rhythm of Salacia’s words. “But it was Neppy who did all this, and, thanks to your friend, Tail, he is gone.

“While all that was going on, I got to listen to your mind,” Salacia was whispering hotly into her guest’s ear.  Tera wondered how she felt hot breath, then she realized.  “Yes, baby, the water is gone; that was his fetish, not mine.  If he had bothered to listen to your mind, he might have learned that sensuality would have worked much better than force.” The goddess’ leg was now in between the queen’s thighs, her thigh rubbing the queen’s pussy. “And thank you for making yourself naked.  We’ll have sooooooo much more fun this way.”

This was the first that the succubi realized her outfit was absent again, replaced by nothing at all this time.  Had she indeed done this to herself?

“I prefer things like this, sweetie.  After all, the humans get there word ‘salacious’ from me.  My husband never understood that.”

After the assaults that Neptune had attempted and the struggle with him, Tera was enjoying this.  Salacia clearly did have a nice body, pheremones that would be the envy of any succubi, and seemed to be quite in tune with how to please her.  More than that, the succubi felt ten times hornier than she had in some time.  She still sensed there was something missing, something that might be more skeptical about all of this.

“Yes, my sweet queen, we could have lots of fun together.  I did get to know all of the erogenous zones of your being.  Had Neptune not been keeping you so busy, I might have had more trouble accessing your thoughts.  But he did do something useful in the end.  I even got to learn about your Tail-self, and”—the goddess’ hand began to stroke Tera’s red appendage—“your tail.”

Those manipulations were truly expert, as good as any her Eternal had ever offered, and better, if that was possible.  The brunette began to growl as she sent forth her full seductive energies (all of which Salacia turned back on her) and her hand reached between her mistress’ . . . ummmm, hostess’ legs, beginning to finger her pussy.

“That’s it, my Tera, we are . . . unnnnnnhhhhh . . . both so hot, so ready to have some fun.”  A bed appeared in the room.  “All you have to do, sweetness, is submit to me.”

Submit? Tera stepped back, shaking her head as if desperate to clear it. “No.  No.  I . . . I am not a submissive.  I am the Queen of the Succubi.  I have promised my . . . my Eternal . . . I will never be a . . . a sub . . . sub . . . submissive.”

“Oh, but darling,” the goddess replied, pulling the succubi’s face into her cleavage, nibbling softly on her horns, “look around you.  Your Realm is gone.  Your Eternal is gone.” She felt the brunette’s strain, the mental searching for an extra source of strength. “And, yes, your Tail-self is gone.”

Tail was looking around the palace, back in the Realm, stretching her thoughts as she searched with her eyes, but it was still the wee hours of the morning.  Everyone seemed to be asleep.  She was trying to wrap her mind around Tera’s apparent absence as she felt Salacia’s warm breath in her ear and her voice in her mind: “Yes, my sweet.  You have always wanted to play a bit more roughly than Tera, haven’t you?  Your own passions were inclined to take things farther, but she always held you back, didn’t she?  Well, now you can rule unimpeded by her.  You may make all your wildest fantasies cum true.”

Tail wandered the palace.  She stood over the sleeping Keith.  Yes, a handsome incubus, but always a bit too white-bread for Tail.  She licked her lips over Rhianna, and ran a finger over the length of Vvrayven’s sleeping form.  Such delicious possibilities.  But it was when she stood over Tabitha, her own mind touching the sleeping innocent’s and causing the sleeper’s green tail to wrap around her arm, that Tail licked her lips at the possibilities.  Yes, this could be such a delicious seduction . . .

. . . except that she had the strongest need to go to Tera’s computer.

That friend by the virtual fence was on-line.  “What are you doing up?” Tail typed.

“Something seemed not quite right.  Where is Tera?”

“How do you know I’m not her?  You cannot see me.”

“Tera calls me her heart.  Do you think those are just words?  Why do you think I can’t sleep?  If I am her heart, then, in a way, I am yours, too.  I know.  And I have a sense that you are struggling with something.”

“ . . . . ”

“I know, whatever it is, that you know the right thing, every bit as much as Tera.  I know you could find your way back to her, no matter what has happened.  So I’m not going to tell you what to do.  I am going to trust you.”

“Geez, he really does know how to say . . . such pain-in-the-ass things.” Tail thought.  But she knew that she trusted his disembodied voice over the other one.  She headed back to the portal, which seemed reluctant to open.  But she would find a way.

Mere steps and a few millennia away, Salacia wasn’t letting Tera off the hook.  “You want my body, don’t you baby?” she hummed into Tera’s soul, still nibbling on her horns.  “You want me, don’t you?  You want to cum with me.  You need to cum sooooooo bad right now.”

The Succubi Queen knew how right the goddess was.  Her body was so incredibly delicious, and the horned and horny brunette was suckling her engorged nipples and began kissing down her torso.  Tera knew that, when she reached the blonde’s pussy, she would eat her out and, upon drinking her cum, the submission would be complete.

Tera knew that.

She knew it was wrong.

She had trouble caring.

And she couldn’t find the strength in her hyper-aroused body to stop.  Salacia’s renewed massaging of her tail was fogging her beyond any hope, it seemed.

“Yes,” the goddess intoned, “you will submit to me, and it will be glorious.  Your submission will open your Realm to me, each and every delicious succubi and angelkitty.  This one you call your heart should be an amusing appetizer, and Tail . . . Tail will be a feast.  Then you and Tail shall give me your Eternal, Keith.  And you will be grateful, won’t you, pet Tera?”

Tera couldn’t seem to stop her mouth or her hands as she knelt there, inching ever closer, but her mind screamed out a silent “No!”

It was all the connection required.

Suddenly, her red-headed, black-tailed self was behind the supernatural domme, grabbing her breasts roughly and biting an ear.  Tera was not the only one pushed to the edge of her arousal: Salacia’s mind snapped.  The Succubi Queen was now kissing her way up the front of the erstwhile goddess, while her Tail-self was sensually overwhelming the blonde from behind and encouraging her down to her knees.

“My Queen,” the widow moaned as she began to lick Tera’s snatch, then Tail’s.

Salacia was on her knees, whimpering.  The temple around her—kept whole by her power and will—was crumbling.  They would need to leave this place soon.

Only Tera stood there, in boots, jeans, and a fuzzy red sweater, as she put a finger under the sobbing blonde woman’s chin, led her to stand, and kissed her softly on the lips.  “This place looks as if it is done for.”

Salacia nodded, pulling back the sobs.

“Would you like to come to my Realm, be under my protection?”

Furious nodding, then a question: “You would have me?”

“I don’t think you’ll be trying anything like this again.  In fact, with love and pleasure freely given, I think you’ll soon realize domination is irrelevant.  And those younger in our ways in my Realm could use a good teacher in the joys of seduction.

“I’m guessing that you really do enjoy it, yes?”

The blonde grinned from ear to ear as the two of them stepped through the portal, hand in hand.

Tera woke her Eternal with a kiss, Neptune’s spell finally broken, allowing her to tell him all about what had transpired.  They celebrated for a good part of the week, leaving both of them happily sore, sweaty, and spent.

After sleeping for a while, the Queen went into a very private room and stood before a full-length mirror.  The reflection was Tail, who took her counterpart’s hands.

“Thank you, dear,” Tera smiled.  “Thank you for being one with me.”

“So that was what it was like for us to be apart,” Tail seemed uncharacteristically philosophical.  “Not something I care to repeat.”

“Then let’s never do, my friend.  Let’s never do.”

Somehow, the Queen’s favorite pitchfork returned to the place where it was mounted upon the wall with her collection.  And there was another one, made of some sort of blue steel, next to it.

Her Majesty was careful to explain to guests that this was, in fact, a trident.


Thank you my heart for adding to the mythos that someday will be complete and told…




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    this is a great story

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