Temptations 60

The truth of being a Succubi, especially the Queen of the Succubi, is that you feel every single bit of pain that surrounds you, even over the joys you might see…


Temptations 60

By TeraS and Legion & Alei & Allison

Tera smiled and wrapped an arm around Allie as she said, “No… No you don’t… I don’t see you enough you know… But that we will have to work with a lil soon don’t you think?”

Then Tera giggled a little and added, “You think that was an accident?” She nuzzled her lips against Allie’s cheek with a smile and said, “You love them anyway….”

At Andrea’s touch on her shoulder, Tera sensed the tension within Andrea’s body with a slight smile upon her lips. It wasn’t that she was unaware of what Legion was transmitting about his thoughts and considerations… That was fine… Actually Tera expected that he saw this so far and had made assumptions about the relationships and the needs of each of them and each other…

But this was only a part of her…

Important? Yes.

Needed? Yes.

But like a combination lock, if you do not have all of the pieces you cannot open the lock and take what is guarded within.

And while he had seen some of the combination…

There was still so so many locks to pick at…

Tera raised a hand and gripped Andrea’s hand gently as she said to her in answer, “As I will Love…. And longer than can be imagined….”

As she said that, the little piece of Tera within Andrea for a moment gave her the feeling of Tera’s warm arms slipping around Andrea’s waist and her breasts pressing softly into her back, Tera’s soft echos of love shared so far and the promise of all that was to come with it…

At the same time Tera asked Legion, “Have you seen the light you seek Legion or are there still shadows covering it?”

Legion took all this in at a glance and knew that the Queen was playing with him slightly.  Pehaps he should return the favor with Andrea and the Queen’s little sister.

Gently and non threateningly of course, this wasn’t suppose to be a fight… just more like… a battle of skills… and he sensed he had gotten a few victories as things had passed.

“I have seen much my Queen.  But I have not come searching for light… I have come searching for you.  And here I have found your family as well.”

He looked over all three of them… and decided to play a little of his hand… no risk, no reward after all, “Though I would like to help your family somewhat.”

He glanced at the Queen’s consort, “I would be happy to aid you in what you desire for the Queen and yourself my dear.”

He turned and smiled the her sister, “And you little one, I would be honored to grant you some aid in what you desire… it is quite obvious you know… ” he looked at all of them innocently, “what both of you desire.”

He looked over at the Queen and spoke humbly, “Of course, it is only by your command my Queen.”

I sigh gently as my beloved’s touch flows through me and I know … know that I am wanted.

I remember back to that day in the Garden … the invitation … attempting not smile or reveal my true feelings but still … that hauntingly beautiful music comming from the piano and the lovely woman in the succubus costume that had been playing it.

And so it had begun … Tera misunderstanding my needs and yet learning of them … the passion … the lust, the need until I’d felt that one soft bitter brush of loneliness within her … that small part she hid from the rest of the universe … . I was wanted … needed.  And in that moment I knew without thinking that I needed too.  Oh yes, the lust and passion were there, hot, melting, torrid and overwhelmingly powerful … but in the midst of it all, we’d found something within each other that we’d never expected.

Love … love that even now reverbarated between us … growing ever more powerful as it reflected in every touch, every look, every thought, until the mere lust and passion between us paled in comparrison.

I would love her in this life, and the next, for all eternity.

Gently I held the part of her soul that I shared, flowing into it all of the love imaginable … sharing with her my joy, mortal, yet sweeter for the briefness of it’s existence, more fragrant and delicate because of the precious petal of each moment as it softly fell and fluttered in the breeze.

My life was nothing without her.  I could not breathe without her in my life, I didn’t want to breathe without her in my life.  She was my life.

Gently and lovingly I brushed my hand through her silk black hair and gently stroked her beautiful horns.  That this person came here with any thought of harming her infuriated me beyond measure.  I would die a thousand deaths before I would allow that to happen, before I would allow her to feel the pain of loss.  The pain of loss and sorrow that this fool had already visited upon her.

It was only with great effort and with Tera’s loving touch that I held my rage in check rather than use it to flay this intruded alive like a whip slicing off parts of his soul.

But with a composure brought of a life of concealing one’s feelings I spoke again with a calmness that surprised me.

“Excellent, I am so very glad to hear you say that.  So I presume that you will be releasing those of Tera’s and Allie’s sisters that you have captured and enthralled to them.  That would make a most auspicious beginning I believe.  Other than that, I truly don’t know what a deal maker who knows not love such as yourself has to offer.”


So many offers and questions to come…


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    • James on May 11, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Andrea’s moves are pretty cagey here. Entertaning stuff!

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