Looking Over Your Shoulder by TeraS

Mom’s Day. It’s one of those days that touch me in a lot of different ways… Some are sad, some aren’t, and this year unlike last year isn’t all that sad for me…

Hopefully this Tale of the Succubi Realm tells of some of that…

Looking Over Your Shoulder
By TeraS

If there is one thing about Tera’s family, it is that they look out for one another… That is, after all, something that you would expect…

In the Realm of the Succubi, that is something that everyone there, Succubi, Incubi, AngelKitty, Hell Hound or really anyone that is part of their family does…

They think about the past… especially on this particular day…


She was playing with her AngelKitty on the wide open fields of green that made up one of the smaller parks that were scattered around the Realm. She was with her friends enjoying the day, the time together and so much more. Here and there, Rianna noticed a family gathered around a picnic basket, celebrating the fact that it was Mother’s Day here and elsewhere in the universes.

It struck her then that Tera, her Mom, didn’t really celebrate this day. She knew why that was. Tera didn’t really think she was a “real” Mom because she couldn’t do the one thing that the other Mom’s could do.

That, Rianna thought, was a silly thing. Tera was her Mom. So what if Tera had adopted her? So what? Rianna knew, and knew it perfectly well, that Tera loved her as a Mom. Loved all of her Daughters and Sons in the same way as every other Mom that existed anywhere…

But that one thing that Tera wasn’t allowed seemed to sit over her like a dark clouds and she never seemed to get over that.

The other thing was, of course, that The Queen, Tera’s Mom, was no longer with them and Tera always seemed to hurt over that more than she would ever admit to. That again was just how Tera was. She would never let her own problems get in the way of someone else.

But on this day, they did.

She told her friends that she would see them later, went over to a stand that had some picnic baskets waiting, took one and then started walking up the one hill that was part of this particular park.

Looking up the hill, she saw Tera, watching from above…


She sat upon the hill, overlooking the fields where Rianna and her people enjoyed the warm spring weather. From time to time she would read a page from the small book that rested in her lap.

She was here because not being here would look wrong.

Some of the Realm had come past and offered their wishes on this day, and of course Tera smiled, nodded, thanked them and then watched as they went on their way.

That was okay with her, she always felt somehow… wrong, on this day. That she really had not right to be there with them, to celebrate what the “Real Moms” had. Looking back down to her book, she read some of the words there. Words that she had read thousands of times by now, and knew well, but on this day she read them with the voice of her own Mom echoing in her memories and giving her a little bit of solace that she needed just then.

Looking up into the skies of the Realm, she saw the eyes of her Mom watching from above… and then she heard Rianna’s giggle and looked to see her standing there, her blue tail swisching back and forth, a basket in her hands and a smile on her face.

The Queen.

Looking down upon her Daughter Tera, her grand-daughter Rianna and all that had been done in her name.

She wished that Tera would see that in her own way she was a Mother, a good one, and more so, made her proud everyday. But she also knew that this day, Tera always had problems dealing with it.

Seeing that Rianna was walking towards Tera, her mood improved a lot at that moment. Rianna didn’t like it when Tera was in the dumps and she knew that her grand-Daughter had something planned to fix that.

She made a breeze pass from the skies to touch Tera’s hair, then play down and tussle Rianna’s red locks in the same way. She hoped that the two of them would get the hint…

Rianna took Tera’s hand with a giggle, “Come on thinky… Time for some lunch Mom…”

Tera just smiled, nodded and let herself be drawn down onto the green fields and into the joys that all shared below the watching eyes of the Realm…

As they walked together hand in hand down the hill into the celebration of the day, Rianna said, “Happy Mom Day Mom… Thank you for being my Mom…”

Tera teared up a little and said, “Thank you for being my Daughter Rianna.”

And in the skies, The Queen just smiled knowing that for one Mother’s Day, Tera wasn’t going to be sad anymore…

For Mother’s Day isn’t just for those that are a mother on the outside, but it is for those that have the heart and soul of a Mother inside and share that with the ones they love…

Happy Mom’s day to all…


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    • James on May 10, 2010 at 1:37 am

    I am so glad to see the brightness in this story, Majesty . . . Dear One, and the realization of all the important ways in which you are a mom. This is a lovely story, and I am thankful that you shared it.

    Huggles from your heart

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