May 04 2010

Temptations 59

While a Succubus, or a Succubi for that matter, deals in desires and wants and fantasies… What is the result if that returns tenfold onto them?

That’s a question to ponder…


Temptations 59

By TeraS and Legion & Alei & Allison

I smile as Allie “pounces” on Tera.  She truly is just unbearably sweet but … I just have a very bad feeling about this.  Gently I touch the part of Tera that resides within me.  She is so much older than I, has seen so much more … but she is immortal and sometimes the perceptions of one who’s span is so much more finite than hers can be of value.  I know what it is to lose, to hold every moment precious for I know that my moments are numbered.

I look at Legion … emotions are my stock in trade … reading them, feeling them and yes, giving them.  I sometimes wonder if Tera would have ever loved me if in the breaking of my curse we hadn’t taken that love … passing it back and forth between us until it was a wonderous thing that could even bind a mortal and an immortal’s heart together for all time.  Unfortuneately I am frail, a mortal who has lived her life as an accursed thing … and despite how hard I try, I am so protective of the one pure and wonderful thing that has grace my life.


I gently sweep my preception over this “Legion” … he if not immortal, is indeed ancient, confident … even arrogant in his way, very well practiced … but there is purpose behind his motives, a purpose that means neither me nor those I love any goodwill.  A part of me wishes to deal with him, here, now.  In my time with Tera I’ve learned that there are few beings who can resist me for long and even fewer that are beyond my power, my curse … that is if I truly exert myself … .

This person threatens those I love and care for … I should make him a grovelling puddle of fear or so utterly devoted to Tera that he would serve her unthinkingly for the rest of eternity.

Still, Tera’s realm is here … mine is to protect and love her until my final breath is drawn from me.  And I shall … .

But Allie … she is not safe here … not with this man, this man who has taken so many of Tera’s sisters … or at least thinks he has.

I feel Tera’s thoughts and feelings … she is confident … but concerned.  She knows this one is not to be trifiled with and I am a distraction … her need to protect me and her family.  We provide avenues for this one to accomplish his purposes where Tera herself would be immune.  But now that he knows of us … it is not as if we can disappear from his perception.

I watch the man’s body language and feelings betray him ever so slightly … perhaps even beyond Tera’s senses to detect, this arena is after all my speciality.  He is happy to see Allie … very much so … and honestly it doen’t take much imagination to discern why that might be.  Seperate we are weaker … vulnerable … Allie and myself … but together.

I turn and stand behind my beloved and her sister, placing one hand on the shoulder of each, my smile pleasant but as cold as a glacier … and this time I exert the merest fraction of my power to make certain he can feel the warning in it.

These are mine … tread carefully here.

“Thank you Mr. Legion.  I do believe I will stay for a moment.  And my love,” I say changing my smile for her … beaming with love and filling her with what I feel for her. “I will see you tonight and every night that you would have me … from now until the day I draw my last breath.”

These are mine … tread carefully here.

There is not the slightest reaction from Legion at the faint whisper that echoes through his mind.

Inwardly, he is delighted.

It seemed as if this young lady was very protective of her Queen and her Queen’s sister.  It was just amusing enough to be funny in a way.  After all, he had come here, been honest, not done the slightest harm, been a picture of civility, and yet here was Andrea acting like he was about to knife them all in the chest.

He absently wondered what he was going to have to do, to not be seen as some threat here.  After all, harming anyone was so counter productive to his plans.

HIs eyes met Andrea’s for a moment and along the same line she had just used sent her a simple thought.

You need not be so hostile.  I intend no harm. I would happily give you what you desire with your lady.  I DO know what it is.

That message sent, he again wondered about this mortal’s skills.  Perhaps he should have taken her up on her offer, it would have been interesting to see what she could do with someone who knew every page of the Darkhold.

Ah, but ‘what if’s” were not his stock in trade, so he turned back the the Queen and her sister.

“I hope you do not mind me asking but what has brought you to visit your sister M’lady Allie? It would seen a Succubi like yourself would be busy with other affairs.”

Allie blinked a bit, not only at Andrea’s hand on her shoulder, which was a surprise to her, but at Legion’s question, the young succubi pursing her lips as she considers it, unaware of the little exchange between Legion and Andrea.

“It was an accident, really…I found one of her tricky little books in a library, and it brought me here. Well, not here, but nearby, and then I was guided here.”

She shrugs, leaning against her sister. “Do I need a reason?”

Andrea seemed to be taking a moment to take in what he had sent to her, but he had not missed Allie’s surprised look when Andrea put her hand on the young succubi’s shoulder.

Something new to her, perhaps they are not as close as they would have me to believe.  Allie may barely know Andrea.

Which was possiable, but made Andrea’s reaction all that much more interesting.

But he had to respond to Allie now, “Not at all M’lady.  I was simply curious.  It is an honor to be able to meet the QUeen’s family.”

He smiled warmly to the three women, “I am seeking only to learn about you,” he looked over them all, “all of you.  I admit when I came I sought only the QUeen, but each of you, are all facinating in your own ways.  I would be honored to learn more about you all.”

Though the desires of both Andrea and Allie are easy enough to see.  But it could lead me to the path to discover what the Queen desires.


Family never needs a reason…


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    Some very lovely writing here, especially by Alei and Legion.

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