May 01 2010

A Student Succubus Film on YouTube….

I discovered a short little student film this week on YouTube that is titled Succubus…

And in case the embedding does not work:


Now this was done by a film class at the Hurtwood House school in England. It specializes in the arts and film studies and this short teaser appears to be a class project of some description…

The first thing that strikes me is that this film plays out more like a slasher-horror themed concept than something based on the Succubus myths that we know well. It does remind me a lot of the Hitchock movie Psycho, well it is in a shower isn’t it?

The first time I watched it, and our Succubus actress came into frame and made her way towards the climax of the piece, I thought that this might be a take on that recent movie trainwreck Jennifer’s Body, as it appeared to be set in a school…

I’m actually thankful that it didn’t turn that way… She’s rather cute and sexy in her own way… Was hoping for a little hint of horns or something to mark her as a traditional Succubus, but that doesn’t happen… Pity really… She’d be a good one I think…

The effects after her attack are really quite well done, and the build up to the attack is nicely played out as well…

But this isn’t really Succubus-like… Really should have picked another title I think for this really…


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    It isn’t “Psycho,” it isn’t “Jennifer’s Body,” and it isn’t really a Succubus movie. Whatever it is, it isn’t too bad . . . just wish we knew what that was. :mrgreen:

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