Temptations 58

Choice matters… Whether that choice is to do good or evil… You make a choice every moment of your life… The Succubi Queen hears of some choices made this time…

Temptations 58
By TeraS and Legion & Alei & Allison

Allie blinked, frowning as Tera faded away. She let her gaze wander a bit, over the pictures, smiling at the one with her in it. She was a part of the family, and wow…she looked cute in that portrait. When had she posed for it? Well, it didn’t matter. She turned, stepping through the empty portrait and following the sound of voices, seeing her sister then, with others, the pink-horned succubi stepping lightly toward them.

“Tera, Sis!” She cries, launching a surprise hug at the woman, snuggling her tightly without much thought given to those she was with.

Tera had just finished speaking to Andrea when Allie came running into the room. There was just enough time for Tera to draw a breath before Allie flew across the room and landed on top of her on the couch…

She couldn’t help but giggle as the snuggle came next and said, “Missed you too Sis…” Tera cuddled with Allie for a moment and then said, “Andrea you remember Allie I hope? And this is Legion Allie…. Legion, this is Allie my younger and slightly crazier Sis…”

The smile on Tera’s lips made it clear that she was teasing Allie with her words a little bit as their tails twined together tightly….

Legion sat quietly while all this was going on.  First a lover, now a ‘sister’.  The Queen was indeed full of surprises.

He bowed slightly to the younger excited woman, “A pleasure to meet another Succubi in training,” he wondered if she would notice the wording of that.

His smile returned to Andrea, “And you do not have to leave M’lady Andrea.  It would seem that this conversation has gotten so much more… interesting with you and Allie.  I wouldn’t want you to miss anything.”

The more this went on the more complex it became, especially with the additions of Andrea and Allie, yet it would also help him too.  Allie and the Queen were in a playful mood together and Andrea’s presence seemed to both relax and tense the Queen.  All these distractions would be very helpful as time went on… and perhaps with a little good fortune he could deal with all three of them.  But that would be for later, now it was time to continue.

“You seem to have quite the extended family oh Queen.  I confess at being somewhat surprised and envious.”

Allie blushed a little, slipping down onto the couch next to Tera and smoothing out her clothing a bit. “Sorry.” She said, though her tail returned the twining, tightly, wriggling a little. “I was just excited to see you. I’m not reallythat crazy.” She directed that last bit more at the other two, smiling a little.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Legion.”

He smiled, a bit more innocent this one.  Though the Queen seemed to be very taken with her.  A way in through the back door perhaps?

He walked over and took her hand and kissed it briefly, “The pleasure is all mine Allie.  It is a great honor to meet both the Queen’s love and the Queen’s sister all in one day.”


Plots and thoughts and so on…

But there is a solution to be found…

Next time…


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    • James on April 27, 2010 at 9:38 am

    It is nice to see Allie back in the story, and amusing to see Legion think he is somehow going to gain the upper hand in this situation.

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