Apr 23 2010

Love to know who drew this Succubus…

I received a sticker in the mail this week, and here’s the thing…

I don’t know who the artist is, nor does the person that sent it to me… And so I am asking, as I seem to do a lot of times, who is the artist?

She does look sort of familiar in a way, but I can’t place the artist at all in this case…

This is all kinds of cute and sexy, and I really like it a bunch.. Sort of reminds me of Tail a lot for various reasons… Even though her tail and horn color isn’t exactly right for that… I especially like the little hint of a smile on her lips and the pose that just says: Hello… Come closer… You’ll be happy that you did…

If anyone has a clue of the artist’s name, or website, or anything else you would care to share about this sticker, please do leave a comment?


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