Apr 20 2010

Temptations LVII (57)

Reality sets in when you make some deals that you do not fully understand..


Temptations LVI (56)

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

I smile patiently.

“Oh Mr. Legion, you do misunderstand me.  I have no personal desire for you … not that I have anything against you but I far prefer the company of my beloved and I certainly wouldn’t dishonor her or myself in that way.”  I say softly.

I look at him deep into the darkness of his cowled hood. “I am not a ‘deal maker’ Mr. Legion, but I do make amends for my past by helping others discover their future.  Compassion for a heart that has so little … love for those who have grown apart … confidence for those who have lost their way … and love for those who have never known it. Someone such as yourself. You have come seeking understanding … if that is in fact your purpose … what greater understanding could we give you than that.”

“And honestly Mr. Legion.”  I say with a soft smile. “How is that any different from what you offer … giving to you something that you do not have and can not apparently gain for yourself.  Not desire, not lust, not simple passion, but love.”

“Of course it is but an offer … given freely with no thought of repayment.  As I have said, I am not a deal maker but to the extent I can, I heal hearts such as yours.”

I look at him deep into the darkness of his cowled hood. “I am not a ‘deal maker’ Mr. Legion.

Inwardly, Legion has to snort in disbelief at that.  Though the offer is tempting, not because he really needs it, but it would be very interesting to see what the young lady had in mind.  He was beginning to wonder who, exactly, was the Queen around here.

Nonetheless he didn’t come here to be seduced by this young lady.  And of course, he remembered the first rule of any deal:  If someone offers something too good to be true… it always is exactly that. And he had not lived all these long centuries by being a complete idiot.

Still, it was another way to learn a bit more…

“I think you have assumed incorrectly M’lady.  I do not gain love because I simply do not seek it.  Nor has it looked for me.”

Laughing lightly again he turns to her, careful not to agree but to simply ask, “And besides, exactly how would you do such a thing M’lady?  I am not exactly the ‘average joe’.”

I smile at him confidently but softly, a soft laugh forming on the edge of my lips.

“Of course I know that you are not the “average Joe” Mr. Legion.  After all, if that were the case you wouldn’t be here to … ‘learn’ from Tera and offer her her’s hearts desire … if I understood what you were saying earlier.  But then again … ” I say with a slight shrug “neither am I.”

“But I am not here to force something that apparently you do not desire upon you.  If love has no value for you Mr. Legion then I have little to teach you or offer you, though I find it strange that you can truly be a deal maker without a true understanding of love.”

I shrug again and smile. “As to how?  Well that would appear to be a moot point at this juncture now wouldn’t it.”

“But I do see that I am very much interupting your conversation with Tera.   After all, you didn’t come here to offer me my hearts desire or to do with me as you have with others. Your quarry Mr. Legion is my bride.”  I say, just the faintest tinge of ire leaking to the surface …  .

“I have no doubt my love,” I say turning to face my beloved “that you know the measure of this one … and I am truly sorry to have interupted this conversation for so long.  Please forgive me … but I am mortal … and I always wish you to be safe.”  I rise and kiss her sweetly.

“My apologies as well Mr. Legion.  You have business to be about and I have delayed you.  Perhaps we will meet again someday.”

Tera didn’t interfere in the discussion between Andrea and Legion for a very simple reason…

Her family was always allowed to speak their minds and give what they wished to give without her inference.

Her thoughts swirled around her family… How many were there that she loved and cared about? That was easy to remember. Every night when she slept the faces would appear to her and give her comfort in the nights when she was alone in her bed. Some she had not seen in ages… Some she saw every day…. Some she mourned… Some she celebrated… But there was one overriding thing that mattered above all else…

They all love me and I love them

Why was it that simple statement was so hard to understand in the universe? Was it that she had a tail and horns? Did that really matter to others that much? Why was it that so few could see past the surface and see who she was inside?

The truth of that she knew so very well…

Because that is your fate as the Queen.

She sighed softly as Andrea nuzzled and stayed with her for this moment in time, speaking her words to him and being the person that she was… Tera understood that one point better than anything else…

Andrea was who she was and there was nothing that she needed to change about that…

As the conversation paused, and Andrea stood to leave, Tera’s tail rubbed her leg and then moved away from Andrea… There was nothing else to be said at the moment… Andrea had spoken her words from her heart… As did Tera… If the words were not understood there was nothing that could be done to heal that in others….

Tera smiled and said, “Thank you Andrea…. I’ll see you later tonight?”

She didn’t fear the answer, but like always her heart fluttered and she awaited the next moment they would be together…


And waiting…


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    You and Alei painted the love of Andrea and Queen Tera so beautifully, Majesty.

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