Apr 17 2010

A touch of the Succubi Queen on YouTube…

I was really surprised to find one of my Succubi manips appearing in a YouTube video…

And in case the embedding does not work:


Immediately after the title card at the beginning of the video, you will see a manip that I released on the Tale on August of 2009 that I named Called.

This is the link to that image on the page it appeared on August 7th, 2009.

If was posted in recognition of my 40,000th post on the Collective (the link is over there in the sidebar) … Actually I think it’s one of the best ones that I have ever done…

Called - A Manip by TeraS

Some notes about the image, the model in it was originally blonde, and I think that the hair color change really came out very good in this…

You can click on the image here to see it in its full glory…

I really am quite flattered that someone thought enough of my work to fit it into a video…

Perhaps someday I will make a video of my own if I ever get the time or talent to do so…

To the poster of the video… Thank you again!




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    It is good to see more and more folks recognizing the beauty of your art, Majesty.

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    Thank you my heart….


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    Beautys Punishment

    😈 Im so glad you liked the video and am honored that you posted it here. Love your site!!

    Bites and Kisses

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    You are so welcome!!


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