Apr 15 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 121

This week’s Succubus is a really wonderful piece of art, but the curse I have of not knowing who did it once again rears its head…

The first thing that I really do like is that she does not have hooves. That really helps to make her pose and expression really delicious… I am somewhat confused if she is wearing boots or leggings here because I cannot make out whether she has heels or not under her feet…

For some reason I have the feeling that she might be part of an RPG, but I cannot think of which one that might be…

However, as a Succubus, she is sexy, if a little on the dangerous side with that blade she is carrying… As well, her horns really match her very well… Would have liked her more with a tail of some description, but I think that, really when you look at her post and positioning of her wings, you couldn’t add her tail… Probably would have turned into just the smallest little glimpse of it and that would have been a shame…

As always, if anyone has a clue of the artist, please leave a comment?



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    She certainly is a succubus dressed for battle . . . something to ponder, story-wise.

    I am, unfortunately, the usual amount of help in regard to her identity (sigh . . . )

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    A really beautiful piccy of a really beautiful Succubi. And you already know how I feel about the lack of hooves. Just a great piece of art. Unfortunately, I don’t know who did it either, Mistress.


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