Temptations LVI (56)

Questions about choices and what happens when you make them this time…


Temptations LVI (56)

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

“Oh truly.” I say looking at him intently with just a tint of suspicion.

“And exactly how is a “deal maker” such as yourself so very like Tera.  To be honest Legion … I haven’t heard the resemblence as of yet. Where exactly are you the same and what is it you’d care to learn?”  I say using my most adorable smile.

Apparently, this one is set on protecting the Queen, though she needs no protecting from him.  He returns her smile and wonders what the Queen thinks of this little exchange between him and her consort.

“You must forgive the term M’lady.  It is simply one I have created in my long years.  Queen Tera and I both grant the hearts desires of those that are lost and desire passion, love, of the exotic kind to fill their needs.  While I will be the first to admit there ARE differences in how we do this, in the end the basic principal is the same.”

He looked over the room they were in as he continued, “As for what I would care to learn… Well, it is as I was saying to the Queen before you arrived, there is ALWAYS more to learn, we stop growing when we stop learning.  I wished to hear her views, her passions…” he pauses to look at they young lady specifically, “her loves and desires.”

He shrugged, “I felt it would illuminate much in this world we live in. And I have already learned something.  For you see, I myself have not found the love that the two of you have.  It is a very interesting way for such as yourself and the Queen.”

I look up to my beloved for some sign that what the man speaks is the truth … she has been silent for the bulk of our conversation.  Gently I sit beside her and run my fingers through her hair … the world around me shrinking until it is only her and her alone.   The touch of her hair soothing and bringing heat to my heart all at the same time.   There is so much I don’t understand about her world and the people and beings in it yet.  For example it had taken a while to get used to having Shiraz around all of the time and it still was at times difficult to reconcile.

But there was one thing that I knew for certain … Tera was in love with me and I with her … I had promised her forever and she had with such joy given it to me as well.  And now … she had Shiraz as well … and I had helped bring her to her … giving her two that would always give her their hearts … .  It was hard not to think of her as a rival at times … but I had found a solution to that … after all … Shiraz was so in love with me it would be hard for her to try to steal Tera away … for she’d have to leave me behind if she did … and it was simply nearly beyond her ability to do now … .

Tera was so in love with her … and it was simply so much easier to share here with someone who loved us both as well.   It must certainly be an eye opening experience for the poor demoness … to have only lust for so long … and now suddenly to be hopelessly in love with not one but two beings … .

I smile warmly again at the memory … pouring my love into her … and feeling her heart begin to beat for me as well … her eyes widening as her feelings shifted and grew … and then the helpless confused yearning look in her eyes.

It must have felt as it had for me when I realized that I could use my smile for something other than making people into deviant fuck bunnies.

Gently I caress one of Tera’s horns … and kiss her earlobe … gently grazing it with my tounge.

“Yes … it is interesting … that being an understatement.”   I say cuddling my beloved and glancing over at the cloaked man.  “But surely Legion you have earned the gratitude, even the love of those you have helped.  Have you never found one that gave their love and affections to you?  To be honest … I can not imagine not loving Tera … it was no magic … no spell … I simply touched her essense and I was lost … surely others have done the same with you.”

Apparently this young lady does not know all that goes on when it comes to deal making.

“Sometimes that is true M’lady.  But, as I am sure Queen Tera will tell you, sometimes your heart’s desire is not what you expect, or even need.  Thus it can lead to outcomes, not expected by those that do the dreaming.”

I shrug gently, “Though I have never lied, nor caused anyone great harm, I, like Queen Tera herself, have had some deal makers who get what they ask for, but not what they are expecting.”

I think about love and the concept, it is indeed a alien one to me, “As for the kind of bond you and the Queen seem to share, no I have not experianced that at all,”  I smile, “But after many tens of thousands of years, it is not something I look for.”

I smile brightly and almost giggle.   “Yes Legion … I do understand that.” I say as I smile at my beloved warmly.  “Life … is unpredictable. One simply does the best one can with the gifts they are given.”

“And 10,000 years.”  I say looking horrified.  “Oh sweet heaven … truly?  10,000 years without love? And 10,000 years … ” I say with a sigh ” … I still have trouble fathoming it from time to time.  The beings that I meet nowadays.”

I look at him anew with concern.   “When I arrived I believe you were attempting to offer Tera her hearts desire … ” I say with a mischevious smile.  “How exactly does one who has never loved manage to do such a thing Legion.  But then again … I suppose there are beings that do not value it as much as I do.”

Absently, he wonders why the Queen is letting this one do all the talking.  There could be many reasons, some good, some bad, and some to his advantage.  But he will make due with the tools at hand.

Gently waving a finger in the air he mildly reproves the young woman, “Because desire is not always about love M’lady.  It is about desire, hunger, need.  Those emotions, like all, come from the heart.  Some desire fame, others wealth, still others, love, or at least what they think love is.”

He rises and lightly touches her hair and it suddenly streakes with the color of solid silver, “I simply read that, what a person or being wants.  What they long for… what they desire.  You would be amazed how many… deeply exotic desires are out there.”

He slightly brushes her hair again and it flows back to it’s original state, “But most don’t think long term in desire.  Most only think in the moment, not thinking about how it will effect them long term.”

He glances over at the two of them and smile, “Sometimes when one is given their hearts desire, it creates another desire… one stronger than the first.”

He sits back down and shrugs simply, “I do not have to experiance it myself dear lady, I simply read it off others as you would read a book.”

I smile sweetly but with only a fraction of emotion behind it.  “So … you grant desire but do not know love.  Would you like to know it Deal Maker?  Would you like to know love that touches your soul to it’s very depths … something that reaches so far beyond simple desire as to make it look like a candle to a bonfire?”

She is seeing me as some kind of threat to the Queen it would seem, Legion thinks with a sigh.

This young lady was making things somewhat more complex than he liked.  Here he had answered honestly and directly and now she was trying to seduce him.  Which would have been funny in another time or place.

Keeping a gentle air about him he smiled gamely back at her, “Of course, all being desire that kind of love my dear.  However, I would prefer it be something real and not manufactured by some young ladies gifts,” he says the last lightly, just to let her know he isn’t a fool.

Laughing a gentle laugh he continues, “And I doubt the Queen would appreciate such displays without her consent.  I am simply a guest in her…” he pauses looking around and shrugs, “home.”

He tilts his head softly to her, “Though I fear that perhaps I have offended your lady in a way Oh Queen.  If that is true,” he says looking at them both but especially at Andrea, “please forgive me.  No offense was meant… I was simply speaking the truth in answer to you’re question.”


Notice the tightropes being walked?

There will be more… Some slipperier than others…


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    • James on April 13, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    It is very interesting watching the three of you each, apparently, attempting to avoid making the first move.

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