Apr 10 2010

The Succubus Queen Karen

As has been well reported on elsewhere over the past week, the online RPG known as Fiesta Online has added a succubus to their game called Karen. I came across an YouTube of her Dungeon that looked interesting…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


But here is the real reason why I have  written this post on the Tale this week…

I need a really good image of her in the game, mostly because the one I have is really sucky…

This is, so far, the only image of her that I have been able to find on the web, and, I have to admit, this is really lousy…

I have this one in the SuccuWiki article on her, but really there has to be something better than this out there somewhere…

If anyone is playing this game and can get a really good screenshot of her, could you please leave a link in the comment for it or send me an email with it please?

Also, if anyone can provide further information on her that I can add to the SuccuWiki article, please think about adding it to the entry?

All help in this quest for information is welcome!


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