Temptations LV (55)

More truths are revelations appear.. Is the Queen of the Succubi prepared for it all? That is the question isn’t it?


Temptations LV (55)

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Legion watched the interplay between the two women with mild interest.  It seems that the Queen had a consort… or even a true love.

That was unusual given her nature, deal makers hardly ever found real love, and in truth, it had never happened to him.  Mildly, he wondered what it must feel like, how it must be to have someone love you not for what you give them but for who you are.  It was not a question he could honestly answer.

Still, this provided a valuable insight into the Queen.  He had not missed the micro second look of pain that flashed in her eyes when this Andrea had mention, she would leave, nor the comment on how it broke her heart.

Very interesting indeed, he thought amused.

He bowed politely at her invitation and sat in the chair opposite the two women.  He always spoke the truth, and what he said next was no exception, “Thank you both.  I must admit surprised my Queen.  I had not expected to hear you were… bonded with someone in such a way.”

He turned to Andrea, “You must be an exceptional individual to hold the heart of one such as the Queen,” remembering something she had said earlier, he added, “And you need not fear me M’lady, I left my flaming sword in my other cloak.”

“Perhaps one, or both of you, could tell me how you came to be bonded?  I must say the thought fascinates me.”

I smile … pouring all the love in my heart into it … and then leaning over and kissing her long but sweetly. “I was just being polite my love … you know I don’t want to interfere with your business.”

I turn to the man in the cloak.  “I was invited to one of Tera’s parties … a Garden Party to be exact.  I was cursed … but now I am blessed.  Tera saved me … and we fell in love … that is of course the cliff notes version but in this life … well things aren’t always as they seem.   No offense Mr. Legion but I’m not really aware of the purpose of your visit so for now, the cliff notes version will do.”

I smile sweetly sending just the faintest tingle of goodwill through it to him.

He watched, his interest growing, as she placed a long kiss on the Queen.  This was indeed, getting very interesting.

The woman said she had been cursed, he doubted by Tera, because she wouldn’t call it a curse if Tera was the one who put it on her.  Yet, it seemed that the Queen had managed to turn it around and now had a woman utterly devoted to her… as the Queen was to Andrea.  He wondered if the curse on Andrea was part of the reason for this, and if so, did the Queen know it or not.  That could prove very useful, or very damaging, he would have to see.

Sometimes you have to speak the truth even though, short term, it could hurt your cause.  Long term, if used right, your subject trusts you more for your honesty.  He hoped this was one of those times.

Smiling softly at both of them he replied, “Cliff notes version is I have met, and had dealings with, some of Queen Tera’s sisters.  Upon hearing their tales I simply had to come meet her.  You see, she and I are very similar, we are deal makers.  Granting those who have problems in love, those who are lost and lonely, and those who have desires even they don’t know about, their hearts desire.”

He briefly considered stopping with that but decided to continue being honest, “And like any deal that is made, we get something out of it as well.  Ever deal is different, thus what we get out of every deal is different,” he gestured politely at Andrea, “For example, apparently, seeing as how you said you were cursed yet now blessed, I would guess that Queen Tera had a hand in that.  You received her love and your cursed was changed to a blessing, however that was done, and she received your love and perhaps, a companion she needed in life.”

The game was getting very complex indeed, but perhaps, when it was over he would win, or lose, more than he guessed.  But such was the nature of the beast.

Remembering something he chuckled softly, “And please, you may call me simply Legion.  Mister, makes me feel old and for one of my long, long years that is quite a feat.”

I smile … warmly this time … channeling my sincerity into it.

I can’t help it really sometimes.  It’s my smile after all that is my curse … and my blessing.   Once it caused irrepairable damange to those who saw it … but because of the understanding Tera has given me it can now work wonders if I choose it to …

“Ohhh … I see … no I’m afraid you don’t understand.  No deal was made between us … no thought of compensation for services.  Tera simply knew of my pain … though not the particulars of why.  She invited me so that she could help relieve that pain … and she did.   And in the process … we both found something so unexpected and wholey precious … each other.”  I say as I smile at Tera with wistful longing.

“Yes … we did both gain something precious from the other … but it wasn’t premeditated … she asked for nothing from me nor I from her.  Nor would I.”  I say with a sweet smile.

Belatedly I realize that I’m letting myself get a bit carried away.   A smile like that with the emotion of my love for Tera behind it would leave a normal person thinking I was completely adorable and fill them with the beginings of desire.  He’s probably not normal … especially if he is a “deal maker”.   Still it’s best to be careful.  Unguarded I can still do damage and create unforseen consequences.

“So Legion … you are a deal maker.   I assume that was what you were doing when I ventured into the room … making a deal with my beloved bride.  So exactly what deal did you have in mind?”

I smile … one of gentle trusting friendship … but this time I allow my emotions to flow into it …

I guess we shall see what we shall see.

Legion winces inwardly at the touch of emotion that brushes against him.  For a moment he feels totally relaxed and feels as if he could trust this young woman with his life.

Excuse me? his thoughts coming back to themselves, What was that?

It only takes a moment to figure it out.  Andrea is a projector of emotions, and a powerful one if it breached his defenses, even for a moment.  Thinking about what what it must have been like for someone like this and the Queen to couple makes him shiver.

That must have been an adventure for the ages, he thinks amused, I wonder if they took pictures?
Quietly, he shores up his defenses, it wouldn’t do to become a lovesick puppy with these two for sure.

Satisfied and faintly on guard against another occurrence he decided to continue, “Oh, you misunderstand me M’lady.  I sought Tera out because she was so like me, albeit in a more attractive form.  I wished to meet her, know her, and perhaps learn some things about each other.  Men could always do to learn a ladies point of view and vise versa.”

The truth, as ever.  Just not all of it.

He decides to choose his next words very carefully, he doesn’t want to tip the balance of these women from vague interest to insulted outrage, “You are most fortunate to find such a balance in each other.  I am sure you have taught her much Andrea, and I am sure she has taught you much as well.  With the experiences you both share it must make for a very interesting relationship.


Oh yes…

A very interesting relationship…

But that’s for another time….



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    • James on April 6, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    A very nice portrayal of things going on on more than one level.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 7, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    But it does get complicated my heart…

    Shouldn’t have…


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