Apr 04 2010

Something that makes Succubi smile…

I was randomly looking on Zazzle.com this morning and I came across something that just made me smile and laugh…

Because it is soooo Succubi-like….

I mean… you really have to read that and just laugh in glee over it so so so much…

If you want to find the sticker or T-shirt that has this on it, you can find it on Zazzle here….

There just has to be a Succubi story in that one short delicious sentence that someday I will have to write….



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    This is delightfully amusing! I hope you got some treats appropriate to the day, Majesty.

  2. avatar

    A nice quiet Easter with some chocolates, but just happy to have a long weekend my heart…


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    This may even deserve a piccy.

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