Mar 30 2010

Temptations LIV (54)

At this point in the story, the RP gets a little bit complicated to put it mindly… Several members of my Collective Family, both Succubi and not appear in response to what happens next…

Didn’t really expect it at the time… Andrea, someone special in the Queen of the Succubi’s life appears…


Temptations LIV (54)

By TeraS and Legion & Alei

Tera smiled and reached a hand to tease at the hood that still covered him as she said, “Sexist? Oh not in the slightest… I like guys and girls too you know…”

She tilted her head to the left and then her smile brightened just slightly as she said, “I’m always willing to expand my horizons my dear Legion… But not to fall off the edge of the world… That would never do now would it?”

She did not move at his closeness nor did she panic or flinch at him…. Although he was somewhat evasive, he did not seem to have the idea to attempt something foul in her private place… So she allowed him the touch upon her and the closeness that he had with her as she asked, “What do you know of joy my dear? Perhaps what you sense is not the loss of joy but the sadness of seeing others not find theirs…”

She tapped the side of his body with her tail, “There is a vast difference….”

He grinned, this was working fine, “True, there is a differance oh Queen.”

He lifted his head back so he was upright behind her again, his massaging increasing just slightly, working over a few tight places, “But I suppose the question is, how sad are others for you… if you have not found yours?”

He bends down and whispers slightly into her ear, “Not the joy you really want.  The one where it is not the happiness you bring to others… but the happiness that is brought to you… freely… with nothing expected or wanted in return.”

His voice takes on a faint questioning tone, “Have you ever known that oh Queen?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact she has.”  says a voice coming from an open doorway.

And attractive rehead walks into the room, dressed in a green silk dress approaches the two and takes Teras hand possessively. “Is this one of our wedding guests love or are you playing another of your games today.”  she says with a loving smile.

Even though he is the not the intended recipient, the man can’t help but feel a sensation of love and belonging … flow through him.

She turns her attention to the man masagging Tera’s shoulders.  “Hello, I’m Andrea … who are you?”

The woman is very attractive in her dress.  She obviously is very much in love with the Queen, but the Queen’s thoughts remain hidden.  He dislikes the idea of this woman calling him simply a game, as if it is a casual thing.  To him, this is most important, especially since she is probably the one who has been ‘gifted’ by the Queen.

Is this one of her desire seekers?  He sighs inwardly.  He was finally making progress and now this one comes in to muddle the whole affair.  He actually thought this was going to be, if not easy, managable.  He laughs inwardly at the thought.

Still, he has dealt with more than one before.  In fact he has dealt with hundreds before.  He smiles remembring the lust clouded woman who carved ‘croatoa’ on the tree before he accepted them all.  Mortals were still wondering about that one.

Ah, well he could afford to be patient.  He had eternity after all, and he had that brief moment with the Queen, the very first seeds.  His polite air is far from a falsehood, you did catch more bees with honey after all, so now he simply begins modifying his thoughts to fit this one in as well.

Bowing humbly to the lovely woman he takes her hand in a mild grip, “My name is Legion M’lady.  I hope I have not intruded on anything planned between you and the Queen.  If so I can depart and call another time.”

I look at him quizzically.  Obviouslly there had been something going on her … but it was Tera and such things were in her nature and obviously, this hooded man had plans for her of one sort or another.

I smile at him … a somewhat friendly one … I have no need to enchant him with anything more than that as to be honest, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about him yet.

“No need Mr Legion.  Obviously you were invited otherwise you wouldn’t be here unless you are another of the horrid party crashers.  You don’t have a blazing sword or anything on you do you? If so, please keep it out of sight and unused.  But no, I and Tera don’t have anything planned … for the moment.”  I say flashing a mischevious smile to my beloved.  “Mostly just planning our wedding and putting my worldly affairs into order. I am sorry if I interupted you, but I heard your question as I was passing by and I thought I should answer it for you. Am I disturbing something love?” I say turning towards Tera. “I can leave if you like.”

Possibly the words that pained Tera the most when Andrea said them were, “I can leave if you like…” Tera always felt a little piece of her die when the words were spoken. As much as she tried… As much as she wanted…. As much as she needed to have Andrea with her always, there was always something that Tera messed up that would drive her away and then all there was left was the pain again…

Goddess she hated that more than anything in the universe….

She gave Andrea’s hand a gentle squeeze and gathered the threads of herself together again…. For an instant she wondered if she should care what Legion had seen of her in that moment…. And she didn’t care…

Tera looked at Andrea and said warmly, “You break my heart when you do Andrea….  Please…. Sit down…. I suspect that this will involve you as well…”

Then she awaited the rest to come…


The Queen of the Succubi has her needs too…

More next time…


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