Mar 23 2010

Temptations LIII (53)

The discussion in the Queen of the Succubi’s home continues…


Temptations LIII (53)

By TeraS and Legion

Tera tilted her head at his words and the hint of a smile tugged at her lips as she said, “You do not come under false layers? Really? How interesting…. So the fact that you appeared as something that you are not… The fact that you did not come as you are does not mean that the approach was a falsehood? Interesting… Truly interesting…”

At the mention of desires she answered, “Desires are that are they not? The question that appears when a desire is fulfilled is…. To which desire do you agree to for the moment and if it is the wrong one…. Then why accept it?”

She laughed softly then, warmly in truth as she answered to the note about special with, “Perhaps in some way then my dear Legion I am special… In others I might be so very ordinary…. It depends on the viewer of me and what they believe they see doesn’t it?”

When he came to the point…. The important point it appeared of being her counterpart, Tera said with some amusement in her voice, “I see no horns or tail around you my dear Legion… Are you hiding that away from me then? How strange and unbecoming that seems to be…”

Then she pulled her legs underneath her and then wrapped her tail in a coil in her lap before saying simply, “So you have met me…. Is your interest piqued?”

Legion simply clicked his tongue in mild disappointment, she really was a creature of specifics wasn’t she?

“Oh come now M’lady, you have never appeared before anyone other than in your natural form?  I have not insulted your wisdom, please do not insult mine.”

She was cunning this one, a lovely challenge.  He had to admit to enjoying himself, “I believe desires can be summed up in a simple phrase oh Queen… ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ especially since your never sure what you wish wil be what you want.”

He mildly watched as she coiled her tail around herself.  She really was good at this, appearing all innocent and vunerable, to the point that you almost thing she needs protection.  Be he knew nothing could be further from the truth.  If a battle should break out between them the outcome would be all but certain.

But fighting was about as far from his thoughts as it could be.

“My interest was piqued before I met you oh Queen, else I would not arrive here.  I suppose the question is… am i piquing your interest?”

Tera shrugged at his words, “I appear as I am needed to be… Those that seek me… Will find me… That is the way of things…”

She rested her head against her hand and said, “I have not touched your wisdom… Only your intentions… There is a difference you know… For example the casting of a question and the retrieving on an answer can be a sport or a toil… Sometimes the difference is hard to see for what it truly is…”

At the words of desire, Tera giggled and said, “Desires are not my world my dear Legion… I am other things but desire no…. For that is the realm of the seeker… Not mine… I cannot make desires, but I can respond to them…. And I do… In my own way…”

She trailed a finger over her tail as he asked if her interest was piqued. Her eyes twinkled a little as she said, “That is possible I suppose… But what is the result of the interest? That remains to be seen doesn’t it?”

He smiled faintly and mulled over her words, “Those that seek you will find you, you say.  That is most interesting.  But I wonder, what does someone like you seek?  Or who?  Desire may not be your world, but all creatures have some desires, from the smallest ant to the largest creatures.  Even if it is only food and warmth, all desire something.”

He could not help but chuckle at her words, “I never said I had wisdom oh Queen.  Let’s just call it common sense in the ways of magic and the world of humans.”

He stared at her through his hooded eyes, ever glowing a soft, soothing blue, “Well, if your interest is possiblypiqued, only you could know exactly what the possible result of that interest would be.  I have already said mine was, the result of which was me seeking you out.”

He calmly rose and walked over to the fire, putting his hands in front so they absorb the heat, “You are a creature of habit oh Queen.  You have always been that way from what I have heard.  Bringing joy and, some would say, a touch of mischief to people’s lives who come looking for you.  Even for a few who do not.”

He looks back slyly at her, “But yet your talents are so far beyond what others have.  You are unique, special, a cut above.  The whole of the world lay before you with your generous heart and your special gifts.”

He turned back to the fire, rubbing his hands and making them even more warm than they were, “All of your… clients,” he decided that being the best word, “that have been graced with the gifts you give them consider themselves blessed, yet you, in some ways, deny such blessings for yourself.”

His hands, at last, very warm, he walked slowly around to the back of the couch where she still sat, eyeing him, wondering what he would do next. He walked up behind her and rested his warm hands on her shoulders, lightly massaging them, “Perhaps it is time you tried something a little different, something new.”


Something new? Something borrowed, something blue?

Should be red really…

More next time…


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    Intriguing business here, Majesty. I follow with interest.

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