Temptations LII (52)

Posturing and pondering continues between the Queen of the Succubi and her visitor to her Realm…


Temptations LII (52)

By TeraS and Legion

Tera sipped from her mug and arched an eyebrow at him as he shifted. She chuckled and said, “Changes and more changes and yet the real you never appears… Or have you forgotten who you really are? That would be a shame…. One’s self is all that one has in the end you know…”

She looked over his new form with a critical eye and stated, “Not really my type if you are trying to interest me… What we show others on the outside is not as important as what is on the inside… Assuming isn’t knowing…. Knowing isn’t assuming….”

She curled up into the corner of the couch and awaited him to sit or stand or whatever he wished to do, frankly it mattered not. Either he would come to his point or he would dance around it. That was the game to see…. It was a shame that Tera didn’t feel like playing it herself at that moment….

At the mention of a fight she arched an eyebrow and said, “Really?” That was all she needed to say about that. It was obviously a lie. Not a good one, but at least she knew that he was aware of some of her beliefs and rules… Maybe he wouldn’t trip over them either….

She watched him look around the room, looking for the trap or the surprise that awaited him. The thing was of course that he had already tripped that one when he appeared in her domain. So she simply watched him, her tail tapping the side of the couch almost in boredom as he moved about and looked everywhere.

She lowered her cup a bit and said, “Would you rather drink mine then? Or not? It’s your choice after all… I won’t mind either way…”

Then he asked about friends and she giggled, “My dear Legion…. All anyone need do is ask nicely and they can come here…. Or not and be somewhere else…. I don’t mind either way… Nor do I expect do you…. But then…. You have your plans I am sure as well….”

Legion’s eyebrows arched slightly, “My, you DO have so many questions oh Queen.”

He smiled shyly and made a point of thinking things over, “Hmmm As to knowing who I am… Oh my Queen, trust me when I say I know who I am better than anyone, even you.  Most do not have others to compair themselves to.  We only see what someone chooses to show us.  But I see everything in those who make a bargin, nothing is held back.  Even the things they don’t know about themselves.  Thus I know very well where I stand in my soul.  Still, that makes me wonder… what do you not know about yourself Oh Queen?”

He took a faint smell of his mug, nothing negative in it, and even if there was he had plans for that too.  He looked down over his new form and made a mild shrug, “As to my current form, I simply thought I would have something that matched the setting.  But if it pleases you Oh Queen…”

As he sets the mug back down his form shifts slowly again until the hooded figure is again before her, “This is what my real form is… though only…  very special beings have seen my face.”

This was very interesting, he had seldom dealt with someone like this Queen.  Still, she seemed not to be fully into the game, which surprised him.  He had come here, into her realm, to give her a sense of security, to not put her so on guard.  It was of a mild risk to him but it was easily dealt with if it happened to come due.

Yet, even with the advantage she had been given the Queen seemed… disturbed.  He decided to try something new.

“Does something trouble you Oh Queen?  Is my company bother you?”  he says resting a gloved hand on hers.

“Would you prefer me to depart and leave you to whatever weighs on your mind?”

Tera shrugged at Legion, “I do.. I question someone that appears on false pretenses… I question someone that needs to hide his face from me…. I question someone that needs to have layers and layers and layers between himself and me….”

She sipped a bit of her drink and then tossed her hair over her shoulder, saying as she did, “You know the most important thing to me Legion? I never lie…. I have always spoken the truth to those that have approached me…. There are no shadows around me to dissipate. If they listen… They learn…. If not… Well… That is their loss isn’t it?”

When his gloved hand touched her bare one she looked towards it and then said, “Has the touch of another harmed you Legion? Must you have this cloak…. This wall around you? Have you been so hurt by your past that the ability to trust in another is gone?”

She made no move to removed his hand…

Instead, her tail snaked around her mug, removing it to the table. She leaned towards him slowly as if not to frighten him away… Her other hand reached towards the hood over his face. She did not make to try to remove it, but rather trailed her fingertips along the material of it ever so gently. It was almost as if a butterfly’s wings just grazed the material in passing…

Then she said with a touch of disappointment in her voice, “It’s a shame that I am not special enough to see you truly…. But then I suppose I will have to live with that as I do so much else…”

She drew her hand away and then relaxed back into the couch, her eyes simply looked towards him and pondering as she did…

To coin a phrase from one of those absurd television shows… very interesting.

“Oh Queen you fail to understand.  My face, my appearance is not hidden out of mistrust. It is hidden as a nessesity.  And I was unaware of an false layers that I have come to you under.  As I recall, I mentioned I wished to sit and speak with you.  And we have.”

He spread his arms out innoccently, “I have not forced anything upon you.  Nor do I believe that I have been a rude guest in your domain.  You wound me thinking I come under false layers.  My layers are no more falser than yours.”

His mouth, the only part of his face showing smiles slightly, “Good deal makers never lie.  If they did no one would trust them when they offered a deal now would they?  I have never suggested that you have lied Oh Queen.”

He voice takes on a wry tone, “But if you do not lie then you must answer this honestly…  While some who have come to you have found their heart’s desire… they find their desires are not… exactly how they would want them.”

He amusedly watched her tail, “As for not being special… Oh Queen you are quite special.”

He lightly glances at the fireplace and the fire crackles slightly in agreement, “You see, you are my counterpart.  Why do you think it was that I had to meet you?  It is soooo very rare to find one of equal… interest.”


interest… Interesting isn’t it?


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