Words of Wisdom from a Dear Friend…

Last week in the Garden, a dear friend of mine Legion, posted a poem…

I’m posting it here, in the Tale, because it reminds me of what really does matter…


The Queen

By Legion

There is a Queen of beauty and grace.
Her heart is special, in just the right place.
Queen of the Succubi is how she is known.
Fiery in nature, her goodness is shown.

“What is a Succubi?” I’m sure you may ask?
A fun being that sometimes hide in a mask.
They come and give you your greatest pleasure.
In return they take some energy,  far too small to measure.

But the Queen is different from the rest.
Because, without question she is the best.
She looks out for her sisters with the greatest of care.
She cares too much to let them fall in despair.

Her touch is friendship, her spirit fiery gold.
She’s playful, fun, exciting and bold.
All those that meet her respect her inside.
For she helps them when needed, dried tears when they cried.

Two horns and one tail and beautiful smile.
Her look is mystery, sleekness and style.
Ebony hair that only lacks stars.
With such a beauty, we’re very lucky she’s ours.

Playful and teasing with a great laugh.
She carries her pitchfork just like a staff.
Mischief is never far from her mind.
It can be sharp, as many people find.

But the Queen has a very special heart.
He is her King and he’s her most precious part.
Together through great highs and great lows.
They have built something special and oh, how it shows!

Together there is little they cannot do.
They are one heart that once was two.
Even in times that are difficult to walk.
They are strong together, solid as a rock.

The Queen has skills both large and small.
Whenever she uses them great things come to call.
All find her skills amazing and deft.
They share in her gifts both right and left.

But sometimes the Queen doesn’t see it that way.
“My writing,” she says, “can be dull and kind of grey.”
She doesn’t see how her stories touch hearts.
They make people feel special with many of their parts.

Sometimes she gets weary just as you and me.
But she tends to hide it so no one can see.
That is just another wonderful trait.
She doesn’t want to burden, to add to anyones weight.

But for what she has given there is no measure.
All that know her call her a treasure.
Many are the souls that would lighten her load.
Who would travel and help her down any tough road.

“Why,” do you ask, “does she get called a Queen?”
You, my friend, must be late the scene.
A queen is not born, nor is just a name that is given.
It is something that is earned from being strong and driven.

That is why the Queen holds to that title.
It is something she earned because she is vital.
To those that are her friends, they will always concur.
That they wouldn’t imagine times without her.

“How do you know this?” I’m sure you will say.
Because I have seen it, every single day.
And because I don’t want to be empty and hollow.
It is the example that she sets that I try to follow.

I could go on but I hope you now see.
That we’re lucky to know her, you and me.
And if you don’t, the loss is your own.
Make time to know her, you won’t be alone.

“But who is this Queen?” you say to me now.
“Oh, my mistake,” I say with a bow.
Her name I’ll remember, right to then end.
She is called Tera and she is a dearest friend.

Thank you Legion…



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    • James on March 14, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I wholeheartedly echo all of these sentiments! Well done, legion.

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