Mar 13 2010

YouTube transforming Lilith Aensland…

I came across this interesting YouTube today which I think really shows off the talents of this particular artist very very well…

This video begins with a photo of a cosplayer dressed as Lilith Aensland, the Suuccubus of Darkstalkers fame, and then over the course of the video, transforms her into a really wonderful drawing called a vector image.

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


And a little peek at the final image which really is an amazing piece of artwork…

The only thing that bothers me is that the Deviantart site listed on the YouTube video, and I have enlarged that a lot, doesn’t lead to a page on Deviantart where you could see more of this artist’s works…

It’s amazing to me just how much like the model she does look like and the detail work that is in this image, especially her hair and the pair of bat wings on her head.

If by chance, someone manages to figure out what that address is, could you please post in the comments so that I can make a proper link to this artist? I can tell from their YouTube page that they are from Brazil and that they have a lot of other works like this available…

Hoping someone can translate or at least has better eyes than mine…



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    Thanks for your work Tera.


    is what I believe you are looking for.

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    Thank you for sharing! He does amazing work!!!


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    It is a very nice piccy, Majesty!

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    Tiago Augusto

    Sorry for the link :p


    and thanks!!!

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    And thank you for sharing with us all again!


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