Temptations LI (51)

The Queen of the Succubi comes home… But is it really what she expected it to be?


Temptations LI (51)

By TeraS and Legion

Ah the thrill of the chase. Legion thought with a pleasured sigh as he searched the bookshelves one last time.  She thought he was being foolish and that their ways were not the same.


Legion thought of the four Succumbi he had dealt with, all of them had, at first, not known who he was and had tried to take him.  He had played along and they had followed, since it seemed only their Queen was powerful and perceptive enough to know he was different.

He had played their game for a time, it had amused him after all, and then revealed himself.  Their first reaction had been either to fight or run.  Of course neither had worked very well.  Then he had simply talked to them, explored their desires and thoughts.  Each of them had taken days, playing a game very much like chess, only with words.

When, at last, they had accepted what he was offering they had been surprised.  There had been no surprise twist, no sudden bending of the situation, no crushing of their will.  Unsual for him perhaps, but the rules changed with these Succumbi.  He had simply given them their heart’s desire, what they wanted more than anything but with all their power could not have.

They had then been so grateful they would have sold their soul to him in gratitude.  After all, how much is your deepest most hungred desire worth to you?  What would you give to make it a reality?

Now where is that silly thing?  She told me where to find it and… AH!  Here it is.

Now the rules had changed yet again as he had confronted their Queen.  She thought him a fool, perhaps only one step above the mortals who drugged a girl to get sex.  She thought he didn’t understand her wares, but in truth understood very well.  She thought he desired her, and he did, but not in the way she believed.  What he desired from her was far far above anything either of them had ever attempted before.

As for her desires… he knew a few but not the darkest one, not the one she kept hidden from all eyes, not the one that was her vunerability. Not the one that was the line where the Queen of the Succumbi stopped and the woman began.

Briefly he toyed with the idea of leaving, or just staying here, just to see what would happen.  But she wanted to have the upper hand, she wanted to be in control, it made her feel safe.  So being the kind guest he was he would give that to her.

Or at least the illusion of it.

His treasure tucked in the folds of his cloak he calmly followed the Queen into the darkness, wondering absently what little trick she would attempt to pull.  Whatever it was he doubted it would work… and then it would be his turn for a few tricks

As Legion disappears into the darkness after Queen Tera, darkly glowing eyes appear in the shadows above the throne – a low growl rumbling…

“No matter your plans and aspirations… She is never alone, fool, My Darkness is never alone…”

The darkness surrounded him as he walked and then the sound of a crackling fire came to his ears. A moment later and then the light of the fire began to push the darkness away from him wisp by wisp until he found himself standing at the edge of a well appointed room…

Against the far wall of the room was a large fireplace, the flames dancing within the stones that surrounded it. The red oak walls moving away from the fireplace to wrap around the room to the open space where he stood. In the centre of the room was a fur throw rug positioned for someone that lay there to enjoy the warmth of the fire. A bit back from that, a marble table stood with various nicknacks upon it…

Just past that a black leather couch awaited someone to sit upon it, the color of the black almost as deep as Tera’s hair was… All of this was quite real… Illusions were not necessary here as this was part of Tera’s home within the library proper…

The sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor he stood upon came to him and he noted another opening in the wall diagonally from where he stood…

Then Tera walked from it carrying a tray with two mugs upon it, the steam rising from them both. She had changed her clothing from when he had last seen her. A fuzzy red sweater was clinging to her form like a lover, the swell of her breasts adding to the beauty of it… A pair of faded blue jeans on her legs and then a pair of strappy red heels on her feet. Her hair was worn loosely, the curls and length of it unruly about her back…

She nodded slightly and said, “What did you expect? A Dungeon or something?” Then with a smile, she walked to the couch setting the tray on the marble table in front of it. Taking the end of the couch furthest from him, she plucked a mug from the tray. Her eyes twinkled as she said, “Come now my dear Legion…. I won’t bite… At least not as yet…”

Oh this will indeed be quite fun. he thinks lightly.

Making sure a look of concern and confusion is on his face he moves forward slowly.  And every step he changes slightly until the figure in a dark cloak is gone, replaced by a slightly tall woodsman in a flannel top and jeans.  The faint shadow of a beard covers his features.

“I never expected a dungeon oh Queen, not the first time after all,” his voice is rougher to match his appearance.

Still taking care to keep that look of light concern on his face he slowly sits down on the opposite end of the couch.  It was easy since this is how the woodsman, who’s form he was taking, would have reacted.

“As to the biting… well you do have a reputation.”

He had to admit, playing this little game was quite a diversion, but he made very sure that his thoughts remained firmly on what he had come here for.  The game, after all, was a means to an end.

“I had come expecting a fight, but instead you actually took me up on my offer.  I am quite surprised.”

Which, of course, he really wasn’t.  Tera wouldn’t come at him with balls of fire and anger, she would be subtile, gentle, attractive, just like he would normally be.  Though he had been mildly surprised she would wear a sweater and jeans, even in this setting, Succumbi were not known for their modesty.

He made a mild show of glancing at the mugs with concern, but again that was just another little play, he doubted that she would try something so trivial as to spike the drink.

Which didn’t mean he wouldn’t be sure it wasn’t spiked before drinking it.

He could see Tera was very very slightly pulled off by this sudden change in his demenor, from rash and confidant to concerned and doubtful.  That was the point and one of the little blessings of his side of the deals.  And part of the surprise that he knew would knock Tera slightly off balance when the time was right.

“So, you bring many of you’re… friends, here?”


Especially one of my dearest friends…

His name is Legion you know…


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