Temptations L (50)

The Queen of the Succubi sees temptations… Does she respond?


Temptations L

By TeraS and Legion

Tera did not react as he ranted and moved around her. That was the thing about people that dealt with her. They never seemed to understand that she would never be angry… Never be upset…. Never be unruly… For that was never her way….

She did her best in other ways…

But if they expected anger…. So be it then…

She smiled slightly and said, “Legion is it? How quaint… Have all of your campaigns driven you to me then? Should I feel honored that you have brought yourself to me in this way?” Her tail stopped swishing and peeked over her left shoulder as she purred, “As for having to meet me…. Are you sure that you are? Reality and the mind are so easily swayed you know…”

She tilted her head to the left to rest it upon her hand and continued, “Let’s see…. You did things to my kind that I’m not sure that you can be forgiven for… You have tried to impinge on my honour by suggesting that I do not care about my kind…. You have acted as one that thinks that I am to be toyed with…. You expect me to quake in surprise at your efforts… You believe that in some some way I will come to trust you and perhaps accept you in some way….”

She chuckled a bit, “Lots of things against you my dear Legion… The hole you dig is deeper and deeper with each passing moment…. If you know me… You’ll know the right answers…. If not then you will find that the game you seek is not the one you desire…”

Then she waved her left hand a little, “As for the words of my kind…. My dear Legion… They would never speak of me in that way… But then you never thought to ask them for my truth… And so from the beginning you are in the trap that you have set for yourself…”

Legion didn’t spend the last few thousand years making deals not to know a bluff when he heard it.  He would be the biggest kind of fool to enter Tera’s place without knowing everything there was to know of her.

But if she wanted to underestimate him, so much the better.  This was going to be a very interesting game, two manipulators, masters of the deal, clashing.. to what end?

That was going to be a pleasure to find out.

“Oh Queen, you wound me.  You cut me to the quick,” he says lightly.

“It is I who am honored to be in the mear shadow of you oh legendary Queen.  Though I doubt you would treat a guest so rudely as to send only a phantom, even a phantom of you would be enjoyable.”

He can see in her eyes she is playing the game, just as he is.  But this is a different game for both of them.  Standard wares and tricks will only waste time and not amount to anything.  This will be a test of stepping outside the norms.

That is why he spent so long planning this little venture after all.

“I have not come here to ask for forgiveness for any affront oh Queen.  I feel they are very happy.  If granting them their desire is wrong then we are both guilty as sin.  And if I impinged your honor I deeply apologize.”

He bows slightly, never taking his eye from her’s.

“And I expect nothing at all, save the pleasure of your company.  As for trust… well, let us be honest, you trust me as much as I do you, which is to say not at all.”

He smiles very slightly, “But then how many who have walked through that door have trusted you from the moment they saw you? Oh eventually they do, but not at once.”

He wanted to laugh at what she had said about her kind.  She had been in charge so long it never occurred to her what would happen if someone else took charge of one of her kind.  It was a common mistake dealers made and one he was very careful not to make himself.

“But you would be AMAZED what your kind says when the barriers are down,”  he looks over another book shelf.

“So many…” he mutters softly before continuing, “I mean, have not some of the folks in your tender deals changed tunes once they have been given what they desire?  Are Succumbi THAT different from others?  Honestly, no.  You might want to taste one of your own in the same way you taste everyone else… might be a new experience for you.”

He turns back to her, “So, since I am sure you ask, because you ALWAYS ask, ‘What do I desire?’  I will answer:  How about a nice cup of something warm and soothing and a pleasant chat between like minded folks… meaning you and me.”

Tera listened to Legion’s words with some bemusement, the tip of her tail just moving ever so slightly as he spoke his thoughts and opinions to her. She thought to herself, “The problem my dear is that you can’t win by taking charge of a being…. You can control…. You can alter…. But to think you have the being utterly? No no no…. That isn’t the way it works…..

Her voice was calm but there was an undertone of honey in it as she said, “The words spoken by those with no choice are never the words that should be said…. Just what the other might think you want to hear…”

She moved her arms behind her, lacing her fingers together and rocking slightly on her heels as she added, “And oh yes my dear Legion…. We are soooo different from what you think…. You have no idea just how different we are… Because we can be…

She tilted her head to the right and then chuckled a little bit, “You desire a cup of something warm? Alright…” The smile played at her lips, “Coffee.. Tea… Or me? Oh but wait! We both know the answer to that question don’t we?”

Tera walked away from Legion then, her heels clicking on the hard surface beneath her as she moved into the darkness behind her throne. She called behind her, “You can wait here if you wish Legion…. Or you can follow…. The choice is yours…. But if you want a chat…. If you want to speak and that is all… Then I’ll be somewhere else than here….”

Just before she completely faded into the blackness she looked over her shoulder and purred, “After all… You cannot have a chat without a couch and a fireplace can you? And I certainly will not remain as I am, for you have no need to see this aspect of me it seems….”

Then she disappeared, soft laughter marking her passage as she did…


Laughing or something else?

More next week….


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    • James on March 2, 2010 at 9:20 am

    The give and take, the interplay here, is intriguing and fun! Well done.

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