Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 07 2010

A lovely Succubus Poster Art…

Last night I was looking on for Succubish things… Lots of Succubus things there, mostly very kitschy in all aspects, save for one thing that caught my eye… This is the work of an artist named Tammy Pryce and is called Dark Mistress. I love the overall composition of this work and her wings …

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Feb 06 2010

Nahemah Movie… What ever happened to you?

This is a question that came to me while I was looking through my lists of Succubus related videos on YouTube. This is probably one of the bigger mysteries for me at least… And in case the embedding doesn’t work: This is, or was, a teaser for a movie called Nahemah that was supposed …

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Feb 05 2010

Dream Demon Review

I finally finished reading a novel this week that has a connection to Succubi, and so this is going to be a sort of mini-review of it… The work in question is called Dream Demon and was written by Keith Gouveia. It was released in 2003 and is 120 pages in length. The story revolves …

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Feb 04 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 111

This week’s Succubi is the gift of a reader of the Tale and a fan of Succubi. He gave permission for me to display this work for this week’s Succubi and I thank him so very very much for allowing me to do so… This work of art, and it truly is that and more, …

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Feb 03 2010

Succubi don’t play in this Playground…

And now… Yes… Once again it’s time to look at a Succubus costume and just cringe… A lot. This is… Well it’s a train wreck isn’t it? This costume consists of a one-pice dress and a pair of armlets and that’s the extent of it all. The boots, which don’t help this at all, do …

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Feb 02 2010

Temptations XXXXVI – The Grotto – Part XIV

Pushing the limits a bit is the Succubi Queen… But is it enough or needed to be or just a mistake? _____________________ Temptations XXXXVI By TeraS and Darkside My name… It seemed fairly irrelevent now… I could feel her stroking my stomach, a wierd sensation on top of everything I was wearing. I returned to …

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Feb 01 2010

Storm Clouds XXXIX – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds… If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here… Chapter Ten begins this week with a visit to get some information in one way or another …

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