An odd myth mashup idea on YouTube…

Someone on YouTube has an idea for a novel… This is the work of someone named AngelKaiLina, and it’s called Kyla Uncaged… They posted a video of the idea and some of their thoughts on it… What connects that to my particular interest is that they have a character that is, for lack of a better description, a merging of a vampire and a succubus…

So here is the video:

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:

The author makes the following comments on her concept, I have hi-lighted the parts of it that I have some issues with:

A trailer of sorts for a novel I am writing. (i know the actress for my lead character changes a lil bit, but I am toying with the idea that she can slightly change her facial appearance as part of her abilities. might not make it completely into the book but still use ur imagination a little)

Kayla is an engineered human which the vampires have created. A being infused with the soul of a demon. A succubus. She was to lead to a cure eventually for their weakness to sunlight. However some of the vampires believed that the Kindred were too dangerous to be allowed that kind of immunity. So they attacked the last known infectious Shifter, Matt. His blood was used to infect Kayla. Causing a combination of the bloodlines which has been forbidden for over 12 centuries.

But it had worse side effects. It erased her memory, and altered her into a new kind of Shifter, one who can change at will, without pain and awakens her inner demon, one with a taste for human flesh.

The Clan are an elite group of humans, some chosen for their skills with computers, their healing abilities, their psychic powers and their strength. Guardians for humanity and the police force whom ensure that the Balance is maitained. The child who travels with them, Nina, has a vision about a super weapon the vampires are using to break their one weakness.

Cash their leader, a telekinetic soldier along with his brother Nix, and Tech along with his with Stitch, the teams medic and healer. Starts a hunt along with Horus, a reincarnated ancient warrior and Kit, a Goddess with personal interests in humans, together they race against time to stop Saint, Kaylas former lover. From discovering her location. And plot to kill her if necessary.

Kayla hides amongst humans. She eventually settles in Chicago, with a room-mate called Lisa. However things go badly when she eventually kills Lisa’s abusive boyfriend and the Kindred track her.

Saint offers Kayla a chance to come home, to have him turn her, and they can kill the remaining council members who have ordered her destruction. She refuses. She doesnt trust him.

A fateful encounter leads her to Matt, and they share an instant connection she doesnt understand. Eventually Saint loses his patience and turns Lisa to provoke Kayla.

But its the wrong kind of response he wanted.

Joining forces with Matt, and the Clan, Kayla wages war against her creaters.

And makes a decision, which makes both sides wonder exactly what it is that they have unleashed.

So… The main issue I have in the usual one where succubi and vampires come together, and that is the one that vampires are undead beings and succubi aren’t…

So than, there follows the problem with getting a human to have a succubus soul within her. That part can work with possession or something similar, but I think that the term Succubus as used here, really doesn’t apply…

It’s more like she is a human turned into a vampire that has, by some luck, better powers than other vampires do…

I think that it’s not necessary to even mention Succubi in this work because reading this summary, what she is, really, is the end result of having all sorts of different vampire lines meeting within her and that give her the powers she possesses..

I understand that there are “Succubi” in some vampire myths, but that is in name alone as they don’t have the physical features of succubi nor do they act like Succubi do… They are vampires that have sex as a weapon over others really…

Still, I’m interested in seeing this should it ever appear…

But I won’t be looking for the Succubus in the book as they aren’t really there…


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    • James on February 27, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    There seem to be a lot of script writers and movie producers interested in some sort of demon-monster-sex creature, and they lack the creativity to write a new one or the industriousness to research those that already exist.

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