Thoughtful Succubus Artwork…

I came across this image of a Succubus at another Blog and I have two issues with it… The first and most important one is, I have no idea who is the artist, or what it is supposed to represent and that really bugs me a lot so, does anyone know who did this or what it represents?

Whomever is the person that made this work, they are really talented and I’d love to know if they have more such artworks or what else they have created…

I really have no idea of the significance of this work, if there is any… I sort of find myself flipping between something that is part of a game like Dungeons and Dragons. or. possibly this is just a work that an artist was inspired to create…

Either way, it would be nice to know…

UPDATE: With lots of thanks to two readers of the Tale, i have some more information to share on this work…

Shawn commented that:

1. The 3 sets of wings indicates that this is a fallen seraphim it’s rare to see succubi with 3 sets of wings.
2. The dark half moon (aura) around her indicating also that that she is a very power demon.
3.The 3rd eye symbolizing insight and great knowledge.

As well, Steve provided a bit of information on the artist:

Hi. The image is by Bryan Reagan, aka Zarono (who is a really great guy), who does a lot of scrolls for Cthulhu RPGs. He’s on E-bay, here’s other samples of his work at I hope this helps.

Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer my questions!



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    • James on February 26, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    It seems to purport to be an ancient scroll, doesn’t it? One could imagine a story of ancient succubi . . .

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