Temptations XLVIX

After the ending of last week in the RP, we start a story that was with a good friend whom opened some doors for the Queen of the Succubi in her universe…


Temptations XLVIII

By TeraS and Legion

You enter a library searching for a book.  A book on legends and myths. You wander the shelves until you come upon a section of old books that seem not to have been touched in ages. As you look at the shelf, far above you a thick tomb edges closer to tipping over the edge of the shelf it rests upon.

At least that is what you want her to think. You DO desire a book, but you desire something else far far more. But it suites things to be a man in a semi- formal suit, someone looking for power he has not earned.  If she falls for the illusion, it will be very sweet, if not, the game starts sooner.  Either works for him.

Then it plummets down until it lands upon your head pressing you to the floor. The book opens to a page covered in a picture of a greenish mist. Then the mist explodes from the book and surrounds you… Finally the mists clear and you find yourself in the middle of a black void. There is nothing to be seen and you call out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Pretending to be a clueless mortal helps as well, someone bungling, yet physically attractive.  It will add a spice to the illusion no mear magic can.  He can play any role, he has for countless eons.

There is silence and then from behind you a woman’s voice answers, “I am always here….” You turn and see…… Her. She sits there. A Succubi. A being of evil and desire. A creature of lust and erotic thoughts. Her red skin shimmers in the darkness drawing your eyes to her. She taps a long slim red nail on her throne rhythmically. A black latex bodysuit makes her breasts two shiny black globes on her body. Her long raven hair spills in wild curls around her, the occasion red streak of fire in them. Her long red horns glisten in the darkness. But it is her eyes…. Her so green eyes that capture you… That hold you… That focus on you and stare deep into your soul…

You make sure you have a perfect look of surprise and fear on your face at the minor parlor trick. Still, inwardly you realize she IS impressive.  She radiates lust, sex, and power.  The other Succubi you dealt with were a wonderful change of pace, and a challenge to capture in the deal, but she is something different and that is why you are here.

She sits on her throne and regards you with…. Amusement? Interest? It’s hard to say. Then her sultry voice drifts towards you, “I am Tera. Queen of the Succubi… You are within my realm…” Her rose red lips are curled in a evil smile as she asks in a husky voice, “Care to play a game?”

Oh this WAS going to be a pleasure.  A creature that is use to getting her way, her way of the deal.  But so was he.  One of them would be disappointed… and after all the planning that was coming to this moment he was sure it was going to be a thrill to find out who.

Her red tail moves behind her like a metronome as she waits for you to decide… Can you decide? Will you decide? Or won’t you?

He pretends to follow the moving tail, like something so simple can give her an edge. Can he take her? Will she take him? Or… will the ultimate come to pass… will they take each other?

She looks at you and says not another word as she does. Her tail swishes back and forth slowly as her eyes narrow slightly…

Then she stands from her throne and walks towards you. Her heels clicking on the stone floor, the look on her face still unreadable. She paces around you slowly, the look never changing, never turning from that look of bemusement….

The only sound a echoing click… click… click… as she walks…

And then she stops to your right and says, “Interesting… So very interesting…”

Then the circling begins again and she says in a soft voice, “I have seen so many things in my long life you know… Angels… Devils…. Lovers…. Lusters… Men… Women… Those without hope… Those with… Some having an idea of what they want, others without a clue either way….”

She circles only once in that time when she speaks and then stops in front of you. Her tail continues to swish back and forth a moment and then she asks, “Tell me… How many of mine have you harmed in your quest…. How much did they suffer for your needs?”

She crosses her arms over her ample cleavage and then slowly runs a fingernail over her lips and whispers, “I’m curious to know…”

Apparently she is not fooled by his little attempt at deception.  Ah well it was worth a try.

The handsome, yet timid male form falls away, like a snake who’s shed skin is simply folded back into itself.  Now a hooded male figure stands before this Queen.  Garbed in a simple black jumpsuit and boots, he is obviously muscular and fairly tall.  His face hidden behind a hood so that only the glowing eyes and the slight smile of his lips are seen.

“My needs?  Oh no oh Queen, I have so few needs.  Only same needs you do… to grant someone’s heart’s desire.”

He turns his back to her, a mild risk, but the Succubi Queen, while dangerous, is not violent,  “And the desires of the few Succubi I have come across…”

He turns back and makes a show of shivering in surprise and excitement, “I wonder if even their Queen knows how amazing their desire’s are.”

As he returns his gaze to her from one of the book shelfs he watches her.  Only her tail moves slowly, back and forth, the rest of her form is carved in stone.  “How could you begrudge me for doing to those precious few Succubi, what you yourself do for all manner of folk, mystical or mortal?”

He now moves forward swiftly until his face and body are only a few inches away from hers, a questioning smile on his face, “You would deny your own people the…pleasures, you grant others?  I find that difficult to believe.” Now it is his turn to walk slowly around her, examining her slowly, carefully, looking her up and down.

She remains still, again only her tail slightly swaying.  A truly lovely being, so proud, so sure and strong.  And so disturbed at his presense, perhaps even angry.  That was very good… it made it so much more interesting.

He turns away from her again and mildly scans another book shelf, still talking, “They are all very happy, just like those you have… aided… in the past.  But more than one mentioned their Queen.  How she put them all to such shame with her beauty and grace.”

He pauses in his search and turns his head just so the shadow of his hood is seen… along with the soft glowing blue of his eyes, “I simply had to meet you.  I am Legion Soulfire,” he smiles warmly, “but please oh Queen, call me Legion.”

And so it begins…

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    • James on February 23, 2010 at 9:44 am

    This looks like it will be another great chapter, Majesty. Wish I could rp like that.

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