Feb 19 2010

A Demoness drawing concept artwork…

Art designers come up with the most interesting ideas for Succubi and Demonesses…

This is one of them that caught my eye this week…

Please do click on the image for it in a larger size. This is the work of an artist named Helen Zhang. You can find her blog here.

She is a graphic arts designer who works in the world of video games. She has other interests as well, which are reflected in some of her other artwork, sculpture and thoughts that she posts on her blog.

You can find the original posting of this design in progress here.

I think that the overall design is fascinating, though as always I would have loved a tail in this design. The hooves… I just don’t know, I understand that it is supposed to make her look otherworldly, but I’m not sure that they are needed with the rest of her look…

Something I wonder about is that perhaps instead of hair in that pushed up look, that might be better as flames or fire? That would nicely fit into a demoness theme and would I think push her more into the otherworld look that this artist is looking for.

The clothing is really interesting, though a bit on the gothic side for my tastes…

Really hope that someday she continues this idea and reveals the finished design…


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    I was sure I left this comment yesterday:

    I like the flames for hair (which is just what I think that is), and I agree that the hooves are none too thrilling–she is other-worldly enough without them. But I happen to think the clothing is right for her; not every demoness has the dress sense of a succubi.

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