Feb 16 2010

Temptations XLVIII – The Grotto – Part XVI

This week the players in the Grotto gather together with the Queen of the Succubi… But where do they go now?


Temptations XLVIII – The Grotto XVI

By TeraS, Darkwalkers, Thamior, Cyprusmage, and Darkside

Tera smiled at him and said, “Welcome my dear…. I’d like you to meet Darkness, that’s Tristan and the silly man that I am helping to stand up is John…” She then said, “Everyone… This is Shade….”


And there, regrettably, the story came to an end.

Someday maybe I can write a proper ending to this tale and reveal what might have happened, but for now this will be all that the Grotto had to share…

Next time, things become a bit strained for the Queen of the Succubi…



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    Well, that was sudden! As in I-just-slammed-my-dramatic-arc-into-a-very-large-wall-at-150 kph sudden.

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    Tried to find more, but that’s the end of that RP…


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