Valentine’s is for Succubi by TeraS

Every so often I manage to write something or other… As it is Valentine’s Day, I thought that a little Succubi playing in the Valentine’s Day mythos would be interesting as…

Valentine’s is for Succubi
By TeraS

Some tails are red

Their love so strong

Some tails are pink

Full of giggles and fun

Other tails are black

Devoted to their mates

White tails know

all of the places to look

Tails of blue

are devoted it is sure

Silver tails

Their glamour shines through

A tail of green

brings lust and pleasures anew

Yellow ones

Their cheerfulness is true

All of the Tails seen in the Realm

know of that one special day to be found

On that day, the Queen’s tail speaks

Telling of love, devotion, pleasures and truths

The Realm celebrates Valentine’s Day

Of that you can be sure

For nothing matters more

Than saying to your Eternal

I Love You

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    • James on February 15, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Very sweet, Majesty.

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