February’s Succubus Manip by Tera – Transit

I posted a Succubus or more accurately, a demon pet image manipulation on the Collective (link is in the right side bar), to mark my 41,000th post there…

It’s been there for a bit over two weeks now and so, it’s time for it to appear on the Tale…

Transit - A Succubus Pet manipulated image by TeraS

Transit – A Succubus Pet manipulated image by TeraS

It’s a dark one… Really and truly dark.

While mostly I don’t go that way in my works, this one sort of demanded that it go dark and remain so…

For the record, the woman used as the base image here already had the spikes over her spine and body. What I added was the flames and some other effects to that. I can see some flaws in this work. mostly in the flames coming from her back, probably should have worked on that a bit more…

Next time I’ll massage the flame work to make it look better…

The story, in case you want to read that is:

The flames crackled in her ears, the sound taunting her as she changed.
They burned over her, taking away who she was, what she had been.
Nothing would be left behind, for her fate was sealed…
The flames entered her mind, burrowing into her skin,
searing away at her soul.
She moaned in pleasure as her body was reformed.
As the flames licked away, it became clear what she was…
She purred as the last spike of obedience formed,
sealing her form and fate forever.
The sound of her Mistress laughing darkly
and snapping her whip in the air.
Pet’s pussy twitched, as she heard
her owner commanding her to cum…
The heat burned within as the orgasm tore though her.
The last feeble vestiges of self torn asunder.
Leaving a quivering panting form in the circle of flames…
Rising to her knees, her head bowed,
needs dark, desires twisted.
She trembled in the presence of her owner.
She longed to beg, plead and obey forever.
And she would be only the first…
To tremble.
To fall.
To become.
The first of many…


The next manip probably will not be until the middle of March at the earliest, but we’ll see how things go…


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    • James on February 12, 2010 at 10:17 am

    It’s a lovely work, even though it is much darker than what we are used to.

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