Feb 10 2010

Why would you make this succubus costume?

Actually that is a question that I would ask of a lot of costume designers, makers and sellers… In this case it would also include a pitchforking by several dozen Succubi…

Honestly, what were they thinking when they created this?

The first thing that makes me cringe is that the name of this is Devilrella. I can’t help but make the connection to the comic Stripperella. Actually in a way it’s kind of an obvious connection when you look at this…

This costume consists of the horn headband, the skirt and top and the tail all in a shiny material that is as thin as tissue paper….

And it sells for $45 USD, shoes not included.

I saw this in a costume shop and was just underwhelmed at it. It really is, when you see it for real, almost the tackyist thing that I had ever seen so far. It’s going to be hard to beat in that respect I think in the future…

I think that they took an fantasy costume for a faery or one for a witch, changed the color and then repackaged it with the horns and tail. At least that makes more sense to me than other possibilities…

I can’t say I like it, won’t say I hate it totally, but really this is one of the poorest costumes that I have seen in a while…

This one gets three-quarters of a pitchfork out of five…

Leave it on the shelf and move on…


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    No matter what the label says, not everything with horns and a tale is a succubi costume.

    Can you say “slutty train wreck,” Majesty?

    There; I knew ya’ could!!

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